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ISSUE THEME:   Building Local Governance, Regional Excellence, and Global Leadership for Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems

ISSUE EDITOR: Elin Torell, Brian Crawford and Richard Volk

The articles in this Basins and Coasts special issue summarize the experience and lessons learned from the first five years of the Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems Program implemented by the Coastal Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island in partnership with the University of Hawaii Hilo and regional and local partners. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development with matching contributions from implementing partners, the Program provides global leadership in integrated coastal management in biologically significant areas through a participatory, issue-driven and results-oriented process that promotes the sustainable use of marine resources and conservation of marine biodiversity while addressing critical life issues such as food and income security. Equally important, the Program seeks to improve governance in the places it works in order to build the adaptive capacity and resiliency of the people and the place. The following articles provide examples of this multi-pronged approach to improving both our physical and human environments.


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Individual Articles
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Introduction to this IssueElin Torell and Brian Crawford

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Small Scale Fisheries Management: Lessons from Cockle Harvesters in Nicaragua and TanzaniaBrian Crawford, Maria D. Herrera, Nelvia Hernandez, Carlos Rivas Lecleir, Narriman Jiddawi, Semba Masumbuko, and Maria Haws

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Moderating our Expectations on Livelihoods in ICM: Experiences from Thailand, Nicaragua, and TanzaniaElin Torell, Brian Crawford, Dawn Kotowicz, Maria D. Herrera, and James Tobey

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Aquaculture Research and Development as an Entry-Point and Contributor to Natural Resources and Coastal ManagementMaria Haws, Brian Crawford, Narriman Jiddawi, Aviti Mmochi, Eladio Gaxiola-Camacho, Guillermo Rodriguez-Dominguez, Gustavo Rodriguez-Montes de Oca, Julius Francis, Carlos Rivas LeClair, Agnes Saborio Coze, Nelvia Hernandez, Erick Sandoval, Konrad Dabrowsk

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A Certification Program in the Governance of Coastal EcosystemsStephen Bloye Olsen, Stella Maris Vallejo, Emilio Ochoa, and Pamela Rubinoff

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Innovations in Capacity Building: Certification of Marine Protected Area ProfessionalsLesley J. Squillante, Glenn Ricci, and Julius Francis

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Global Networks of Practice for Coastal Management: Lessons from ExperienceDonald Robadue Jr., Robert Bowen, Guillermo Caille, Diego Paez, and Aviti Mmochi

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Practicing Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons from Integrated Coastal ManagementJames Tobey, Pamela Rubinoff, Donald Robadue, Glenn Ricci, Richard Volk, John Furlow, and Glenn Anderson

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