analysis of missile defense system effect by simulation technique

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With the increasing threat of North Korea's nuclear missiles, the South Korean society is carrying out measles around the deployment of the high altitude area defense (SAD). In the process of building the missile defense system of South Korea, the United States and Japan, China began to formally arrange Sade's economic pace. Around Sade's layout, in the case of rising political and social contradictions, the way to gather the theory of the state is to conduct scientific research and evaluation of the missile defense system. For the current Sade, ① efficiency ② environmental impact assessment ③ relationship with China ④ process ⑤ cost and other issues. However, since military efficiency is the most important project, other factors are studied in the perspective of defense effect of Sade after exclusion. According to an objective logic evaluation proposed by this study, under the condition of simulated autocracy, the "adequate defense" of North Korea's nuclear power is 2 For this reason, one bag is not enough, at least 5-7 bags, so as to have major regional defense.

North Korea's missile defense is limited by its current sniper system. At present, most of South Korea's missile defense system relies on the Patriot system, which is not suitable for dealing with the North Korean nuclear missile threat. In reality, the multi-layer missile defense system that can be based on South Korea is a 2-defense network composed of Sade and PAC-3. The simulation results of this study show that when the Sade system with more than 60% critical accuracy is introduced, compared with the PAC-3 fault defense network, the defense capability is at least 6 times increased by 1000 times. In addition, Sade can achieve "full defense" only when he achieves the accuracy of more than 78.5%. Therefore, the "probability of completely shooting down enemy missiles" is increased from 37% of a single defense network to 95.5%. According to the composition of the defense system, this study puts forward the sad condition to meet the "full defense". In order to be more effective in defense, it strengthens the pre Strike ability of kill chain, and maximally removes the launching means of the mobile launch pad, If we use the 2-defense net for the limited missiles, we can maximize the missile defense effect. At this time, Sade becomes the main hit axis, and PAC-3 should support Sade. If South Korea's m-sam and l-sam in independent development will also be added to the existing system, then missile defense costs will be greatly reduced.

Of course, because Sade is a 100% unverified weapon system, the question remains as to whether North Korea's missiles can be fully defended. A 100% complete defense against all missiles that can hit the enemy perfectly is impossible. But there is no use for any defense system No. considering that the higher the distance of the missile defense network, the greater the safety and security will be. It does not need the atypical proposition. According to the results of mathematical simulation, according to the insufficient basis. The detailed family and design of the simulation techniques used in this study include appendix.


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