meng meiqi's data station is stormy. who is the injured but the fans?

Posted by barello at 2020-03-22

It is understood that Shanzhi data group, formerly known as Meng Meiqi data group of powder and milk murderers, was established during the broadcast of "creation 101" in 2018. It is a subordinate data official blog established for "data tank of milk Qi" and has held more than 200 fund-raising activities. Further digging, the "milk tank data station" and "Meng Meiqi liver burst data station" are joint organizations.

From the QQ music "stubborn" digital album sales page, we can see that "Meng Meiqi explodes liver data station" ranks first in the purchase list, with a total of more than 947000 albums purchased. And "milk Qi's data tank" ranked third, with more than 80000 albums purchased.

According to the music pioneer, the fraud is also related to the "music money case" of QQ music three months ago.

QQ music "music coin case"

This statement, not only set off a thousand waves in the rice circle, but also opened the "hidden rules" behind the digital album hit list for the public.

On the QQ music client of IOS version, in order to buy the digital album of the musician, you need to recharge the virtual currency of the platform - Le coin. Usually, when buying Le coin through official channels, the exchange rate with RMB is 1:10, that is to say, RMB 1 buys 10 Le coins.

However, in Taobao and other illegal third-party channels, businesses can use the platform loopholes to recharge Le coin at a low price of 5-8% of the original price. This also provides a more cost-effective way for fans who need to hit the list of idols: according to the calculation of 50 music coins for a digital album, the original one million yuan can only buy 200000 pieces, if it is a 50% discount purchase of music coins, it can buy 400000 digital albums.

As a result, some fans or fan organizations will choose to recharge music money through a third party to buy digital albums and boost sales for their idols. However, this practice has resulted in a large number of bad debts in the background of QQ music, and there is also the platform's practice of recycling illegal music money and handling illegal accounts.

In the process of dealing with the problem, QQ music froze a lot of users who bought music coins, among them, the fans of Zhang Yixing and Li Yuchun who were in the stage of new song distribution were seriously affected. Fans eager to sell for idols even tried to turn to law enforcement after their accounts were frozen.

Li Yuchun's fans also encountered the same problem. In order to unfreeze the account as soon as possible, the fans quickly contacted QQ music operators, summarized and fed back the problem and submitted the corresponding bill. However, QQ music customer service requests to submit private information such as ID card and bank card, which is unacceptable to fans.

In order to make up for some fans who have suffered losses due to black production, on June 10, 2019, "QQ music assistant" released a further explanation on cracking down on "illegal and illegal access to music money", giving up to 20% discount to relevant users who meet the conditions and returning the same amount of music money.

For the three fans involved in tun coin, what they are not willing to accept is that the hat of buying low-cost coins is buckled on their own heads.

However, according to the bill released by Meng Meiqi's data team, a large number of fans did buy about 50% of Le coin from various channels.

In the reports at that time, the media had suspected that some fantou had made money through the purchase of Yue coins. However, some fans clarified that it was "pure rumor".

However, three months later, the data station of Meng Meiqi was exposed with the news of "suspected fraud", which also confirmed the speculation. Some netizens sorted out the whole timeline:

On the one hand, the company suspected of fraud lures the victims to buy low-cost virtual currency through the third-party platform, on the other hand, it lures fans to raise money to fight the list, and the money of both parties falls into the pocket of the company. However, fanquan and legcoin are just channels and tools in the hands of fraud companies, and have become one of the dark sides of fan economy.

Fan economy behind illegal music money

It is understood that Lecoin was originally just a virtual currency launched by QQ music for the platform's own value-added services. Its main purpose is to buy Apple client's digital album (Android client can't buy album with Lecoin), support stars to hit the charts, give gifts live, participate in various preferential activities, etc.

In the era of digital music, the sale of records in the era of traditional record industry has become the form of digital album. Based on the platform realization and the demand of fans to make a list, QQ music has opened up a number of lists in the platform.

Among them, the most important thing for fans is the album bestseller. Because this list represents the influence of artists on one hand and the consumption ability of fans on the other.

"Album bestseller" is divided into daily list, weekly list, annual list and general list. Digital albums reach different sales levels, and there will be different certification levels. For example, if the sales volume reaches 1 million, the album will get the certification mark of "palace Gold Diamond record".

As of 7:00 p.m. on September 7, the number one album on QQ music's "best selling album list" was Cai Xukun's new album "young", with a sales volume of 6.9 million. According to the price of 5 yuan per album, QQ music will earn 34.5 million yuan for this album alone. In this way, the sales volume of the top four has exceeded 100 million.

Fans will have a mentality of comparison. It's not allowed for other artists' names to be in front of their own love beans, and the fight against the list naturally triggered a lot of bloodbath. For example, prior to Li Yuchun's release of pop, Zhou Jielun's bedside story was the first on the QQ music album bestseller list.

After "pop" was released, Li Yuchun and Zhou Jielun showed the trend of chasing each other, and also caused a lot of quarreling posts in Douban forum. Finally, Li Yuchun's "pop" sales exceeded Jay Chou's.

In addition to the "album bestseller list", the "popularity list" is also the place for fans to fight. Popularity value also needs to be obtained by buying gifts with Le coin and giving them away. 1 point popularity value needs to cost 1 Le coin. At present, Cai Xukun is at the top of the list, with a total popularity of 46.5745 million yuan, which costs about 4.65 million yuan.

Of course, ranking is not limited to this, but appears on various platforms. Artists need to spend a lot of money every time they hit the charts, and illegal third-party recharging not only provides a shortcut for fans, but also becomes a piece of fat in the eyes of "fat fans".

The huge interest chain of "fat powder" in rice circle

With the gradual development of the idol industry in China, the rice circle has gradually evolved into an organized and efficient fan group, with detailed and clear division of labor among copywriters, artists, investment data, control and evaluation.

Especially for the data group, the daily tasks are assigned according to the number of people. Some netizens joked that "the rice mixing circle feels like going to work, so that fans can experience the feeling of going to work early". And those who use this huge rice circle to "go to work" are professional fans, so-called "lipstick".

First, "professional fans" were defined as fans who were paid to pick up and shout at the airport. However, with the continuous growth of fan circle, there are various "professional fans" in fan circle. And those who really hope to get profits from it can really make money in every link of star chasing.

For example, in the early days, "standing sister" was usually a girl with rich family and free time, who was equivalent to the leader of fans and organized a group of fans to carry out various assistance activities. However, with the popularity of idol variety show in recent years, standing sister has gradually become the target of "fat powder".

Last year, the media revealed that during the recording of "youth has you", several fan stations appeared. And the founder of these fan stations is not because of love, but a kind of psychology of "occupying the pit" in advance - "in case it turns red after that." Then the sisters who set up the station are the fans who have the right to speak. They will organize loose fans to raise funds and make investment.

When it comes to standing sister, we have to mention "front line" and "gun sister".

The "front line" is usually defined as "the person who pursues the journey". In short, it is where the idol is and where the front line is. Pick up the plane, record the programs, follow the concerts and activities, and the work schedule of idols is endless. And they are also the people who can master the first-hand information of idols. Many of them are the "front line".

To some extent, the "front line" is the closest fan to the idol, so it has a very high influence and prestige in the fan group. When the influence reaches a certain degree, it is also called "fantou".

"Gun sister" is more than the front-line skills - shooting. Usually, fans who are in the airport, on the spot of program recording, and at concerts are called "gun sisters". At first, the existence of "sister Pao" was just to take good-looking pictures of idols and put them on the Internet for other fans to enjoy. Later, the existence of "sister Pao" was no different from "shooting machine".

Because some fans can't see the idols in person, they entrust "gun elder sister" to take pictures for repair. Later, this mode evolved into "professional gun elder sister" to crouch on idols, and then send the pictures to each fan station. In the name of fund-raising, fan station will make the pictures into a real brochure and sell them to fans.

At the same time, the products around fans have gradually developed into a business. Some fans use their skills of drawing to make picture albums, make peripheral products such as dolls, hats, clothes, etc. and then sell them to fans, so as to "use the money they earn to help". However, some fans who sell products are finally raked out to use the money they earn for the help of other stars, which is exactly "fat powder".

No matter which of the above forms of fans, because they have access to the first-hand news of idols or have a skill, they can easily become "big fans". There is also a kind of "big pink". They don't follow the itinerary or take pictures, but they will update their idols' pictures, itinerary, news or materials in a timely manner, and they will also be sought after by fans. When you have followers, these "fans" are cashed in by receiving advertisements.

In the rice circle, as long as money is involved, someone will make profits from it. And the above, is also just the tip of the iceberg of the rice circle "fat powder" profit-making routine. The higher level organization of "Shanzhi data group" involved in this case has released an activity in 18 years, charging fans 50 yuan per week for super talk punch card.

According to the user's calculation, a person costs 50 yuan a week and 200 yuan a month. If 100 people pay, it will be 20000 yuan in a month, which is a business of "no cost, no profit".

As the rice circle grew stronger and stronger, some fans lost their original intention of liking idols and began to make profits from it, so they also derived more and more kinds of "fat powder". In the operation system of the rice circle, they even become an indispensable part and a catalyst between fans and idols.


Fans' economic development has become more and more like a game of self entertainment. The operation rules of rice circle are set up by fans, which is hard for laymen to overcome. With the crowd, there will be the Jianghu, and the rules of the rice circle can not escape the secular world, resulting in a variety of interest chains.

In such a relatively closed chain with high barriers and high thresholds, the operation rules are more likely to have loopholes. But "Le coin event" and "fraud event" are just a broken part of the fast-growing idol industry. Besides the music platform, the fans who spend real money and silver on the star chasing business are also hurt.

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