scares skr! the website jumps for no reason. the truth is

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-22

Release time: July 31, 2018 17:20:02

I don't know if you've ever had this experience. You can swipe your microblog and browse the news. Here are some tips: "get the red envelope", "real person's servant" or some advertisements for big health kidney deficiency;

Downloading an application, whether on the mobile or PC side, will become UC, 2345, and rising when downloaded locally;

Open is a website, inexplicably was jumped to B website, mostly "black five kinds of advertising.". Do you think you have a virus in your computer? No, your traffic is hijacked.

Effect pictures of various hijackings

Traffic hijacking is a kind of network security problem that enterprises and individuals often encounter. This kind of network hijacking not only harms the information security of enterprises, but also affects the user experience. The user information is easy to be leaked, and the account password can be seen at a glance after technical processing.

Traffic hijacking mainly includes DNS hijacking and link hijacking from the technical point of view. From the hijacking object, it can be divided into operator hijacking and enterprise / individual hijacking.

The main hazards are as follows:

Webapp used online has both communication data and program interface and code in the traffic, so hijacking is easy. Therefore, hijacking web traffic has become a favorite of hackers, a way to launch XSS intrusion in any web page.

In their own devices, everyone will remember the login status of various accounts, anyway, it's only for their own use, it's no big deal. However, in the hijacked network, even if you browse the most common web page, maybe a silent spy script has hidden it, is secretly visiting your logged in web page, controlling your account.

How to avoid traffic hijacking?

Select a trusted SSL certificate

If an important account website encounters this situation, it should not click to continue in any case, or the key to the door may fall into the hands of hackers.

Therefore, as long as the entry page is not safe, then the subsequent page is no longer safe.

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