ejucms v1.3.0 advanced cracked version

Posted by fierce at 2020-03-23

The first crack in 2020 will be completed on January 2, and it will be packaged on January 4. It is only for local testing and is strictly prohibited for commercial use.

Demo:, contact QQ: 2978742 for background account password.

Crack the authorization verification from the core code layer, open all permissions, 3888 yuan for any function.

A wave of limited time offers, 600 next week

PS: there is no free lunch in the world. What kind of business can you start without investment. Young is a toss, sometimes think of it to do, don't wait to be done by others and then complain that they didn't seize the opportunity.

Second open + fix bugs in the main program (template bugs are not included) 1. Add quick labels for rental map. 2. Fix tagsurrounds custom map label function $tag variable error, overwrite user parameter transfer, user parameter transfer failure problem 3, add rental map function 4, add real estate computer function 5, add I want to rent and sell function

Download address see right