docker: from introduction to practice

Posted by trammel at 2020-03-23

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Docker is an epoch-making open source project, which completely releases the power of computing virtualization, greatly improves the application maintenance efficiency, and reduces the cost of cloud computing application development! Using docker can make the application deployment, testing and distribution more efficient and easy than ever before!

Whether it is application developers, operation and maintenance personnel, or other information technology practitioners, it is necessary to know and master docker to save limited life.

This book is not only suitable for beginners with basic Linux knowledge, but also for advanced users who understand the principle and implementation. At the same time, the practical cases given in the book can be used for reference in the actual deployment. The first six chapters are the basic contents for users to understand the basic concepts and operations of docker; Chapters 7 to 9 introduce advanced operations such as data management and network; chapters 10 to 13 introduce several core projects in container ecology; chapters 14 and 15 discuss high-level topics such as docker security and implementation technology. The following chapters respectively introduce the popular open source projects such as etcd, coreos, kubernetes, mesos, and container cloud. Finally, the typical application scenarios and practice cases of using container technology are presented.

$ docker run -it --rm -p 4000:80 dockerpracticesig/docker_practice

Docker itself is still developing rapidly, and the ecological environment is also growing vigorously. It is recommended that beginners use the latest stable version of docker for learning and practice. Welcome to project maintenance.

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The third edition of docker technology introduction and practice has been published. It introduces the latest container technology stack. Welcome to read and use it and give feedback.

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