panorama of network security industry (january 2018) released

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Panorama of network security industry (January 2018) released

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The panorama of the network security industry (January 2018) was released today. The panorama released this time is divided into 17 major security fields and 61 subdivisions, including about 200 security enterprises and relevant institutions.

Compared with last year, two new subdivisions "video private network" and "office system / office equipment" have been added in the business security field; the former subdivisions "Internet behavior management" in the security of technical facilities has been renamed as "Internet behavior management / Web security gateway".

According to the panorama statistics of this period, the top three areas of enterprise business share are firewall / NGFW (21), SoC / ngsoc (19), assessment and reinforcement / security operation and maintenance (19). From this data, it can be seen that the traditional security field is still the main core business of domestic security manufacturers.

At the same time, we have also seen the emergence of some emerging areas. (Note: because the business of each manufacturer is relatively new and unique, it cannot form an exclusive field, so it appears in the field of "cool manufacturer" respectively.)

They are:

Since the panorama was first launched in September 2016, safety cattle have attracted the attention of industry insiders in various fields related to safety, especially domestic safety manufacturers, have actively contacted and constantly communicated with safety cattle, so as to comb the panorama more reasonable and accurate.

The positioning of panorama is to recommend excellent manufacturers in various security subdivisions, rather than "enterprise Yellow Pages" or "enterprise Daquan". There are two principles for us to list the enterprise in a subdivision field of panorama, one is based on the proportion of the product in the domestic market and the sales scale, and the other is based on whether the product has the characteristics and technical advantages. Therefore, although a security enterprise has multiple product lines, it may not be fully exposed in the corresponding fields.

The characteristics of network security technology are very obvious, especially the technology and product segmentation. We welcome all outstanding security enterprises to establish contact with security cattle through panorama (all. Aqniu. Com), and we will update and improve the panorama together, bringing valuable reference for people from all walks of life who pay attention to the field of network security.

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