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Date: 2010-02-04

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Washing machine that is indispensable for daily clean life. I feel good when I put on clothes of washing. But have you cleaned the washing machine itself? Actually, the dirt will continue to soak in the washing machine. Not only clothes but washing machines need to be washed.

For example:

Although it should have been washed, there is something like a black or brown dust. It seems that the mold which was brewed in the washing machine is wearing clothes.

It may be washed, but there is a strange smell.

If this happens, you need to clean the washing machine. Even if the contents of the washing machine look clean, it is the outside of the washing tank that the dirt and the fungus accumulate.

If you leave it as well, it will not only be dirty even if you wash the clothes, but it will be damaged and the washing machine will break, and you may need repair.

In order to avoid such a situation, maintenance is important. Clean the washing machine periodically to protect daily clean and comfortable life. Depending on the frequency of washing machine and washing machine, the frequency of washing machine is often used.

This article introduces various detergents, including the point and method of cleaning the washing machine.

Especially, there are various kinds of detergents for washing machine cleaning, so it is recommended to those who don't know what to buy.

Also, I noticed the washing of the washing machine I would like to introduce some of the things that are safe for washing machine cleaning.

Let's clean the washing machine and send a comfortable and clean everyday!

Points to clean the washing machine

If you put out the washing clothes from the washing machine, do you have black mold or smell?

It is unpleasant that you have to wash again, even if you wash it. In addition, the washing machine must be thoroughly cleaned, and it is melancholy that the housekeeping increases.

Some people say that even if they are wearing clothes that they are wearing now and the clothes they have been washed up before, they may even feel like they are getting tired.

It is important to deal with the washing of the washing machine every day before it appears in such a visible form. It is the point to prevent such a situation to fix the opportunity of cleaning the washing machine periodically, such as cleaning once a month.

In addition to regular washing machine cleaning, there is a thing that should be kept in mind from usual. Let's explain each one.

Let's open the lid of the washing machine

First, the lid of the washing machine that is not used is always opened. In the washing machine that uses a large amount of water, it seems that the water remains even if it seems to be dry at first glance.

When the lid is closed, the moisture is put in the inside, and it becomes an environment where the fungus and mold are liked. It is important to always open the lid and dry the inside of the mold to prevent germs or mold. Be careful not to close the lid when you have taken out the washing finished washing.

In particular, it is necessary to be careful because the humidity of the outside of the washing machine is high, and it may cause a large amount of mold. In the case of a drum type washing machine, please use it because there are many courses that dry inside the washing machine.

Not accumulate clothes in the washing machine

The frequency of turning the washing machine depends on the home. For example, in a house where a large number of people live, it may turn over once a day, but it is not unusual for one person to live alone to pass once a week.

However, the former and the latter are important not to store clothes in the washing machine.

If you leave the dirt as it is for a long period of time, the bacteria and mold will start breeding. In particular, when multiple clothes are left, it may cause bacteria and mold spread in the washing machine.

Not only does it damage the clothes, but also causes the bacteria and mold to live in the washing machine. In the same way, wet clothes after washing are also hot spots of fungi and mold.

Basically, it is important not to store clothes in the washing machine before and after washing.

It is ideal if you can choose it every day, but if you want to store the laundry, you may choose a good shopping bag, laundry box, etc. At least, it is possible to prevent spread of bacteria and fungi in the washing machine.

Detergent is appropriate

Do you keep proper amount of detergent when washing? The use of excessive detergent is not only harmful to economic and global environment.

If there are plenty of detergent against the amount of water, it is possible to remain in clothes without rinsing well. The clothes can be caused by the clothes that are attached to the detergent, and it can be caused by the bacteria, mold, insects, mites, etc. during the storage of clothing.

Of course, the detergent attaches to the inside of the washing machine body as well as clothing, so it will also become an unsanitary environment.

If you use the bleach or softener to protect the proper amount of the detergent for clothes, make sure to check the amount of usage.

Generally, compared to the detergent for laundry, there are many bleaching agents, and the softener is often put in a little. Be careful not to put the softer in the same amount as laundry detergent. Softener is more likely to be strong, so too much softener is smelah. It also leads to the discomfort of people around with smell of body odor and perfume.

It is recommended to use dirt, washing, cleaning, etc. Keep an appropriate amount and let's wash comfortably.

Let's clean the washing machine

The first one of this section was introduced, but regular cleaning is the best to keep a clean washing machine.

The general procedure for cleaning washer is as follows.

Let's remove the garbage net.

Next, store hot water or water. If you put hot water, don't forget to check the temperature of the washing machine. If you use the oxygen cleaner Washer Cleaner, it is possible to remove dirt more effectively by using hot water.

Then, the cleaner for the washing and cleaning of clothes is put on the display.

Put the cleaner and turn the washing machine. Then leave 4 to 6 hours without draining. The course is not standard, but it is difficult to wash it more firmly if it is already severe.

Moreover, the washing machine cleaner that can be used without leaving time is a mainstream recently. The washing machine cleaner that introduces this time is almost unnecessary, but there is a thing that does the effect by putting it in the inside. Decide according to the degree of dirt and schedule.

After leaving it, it turns about 5 to 10 minutes again, and it is sunk to the bottom. After washing, rinse and turn the washing machine again. Repeat this until the floating object is gone.

Finally, the garbage net is set, and the garbage which is not cut is collected while collecting it on the net.

This will take time and trouble to clean the washing machine. The washing time of the washing machine cleaner differs depending on the time of washing and the time of washing, so it is good to confirm beforehand when cleaning is done.

By the way, did you know there are two kinds of detergent used for washing machine washer? Cleaning detergent is mainly "chlorine system" and "oxygen system". The following features are summarized.

However, there may be a washing machine for washing machine that cannot be used by the washing machine, so please take a look at the instructions of your washing machine before selecting the type.

Chlorine system

Merritt is a powerful bactericidal force when cleaning chlorine cleaner detergent. It is one of the detergent with the display of "danger of mixing" in chlorine home home center. By using this chlorine type detergent, you can dissolve bacteria and mold in the washing machine and make it to a clean washing machine.

In addition, it is effective to prevent the generation of bacteria, so it is recommended to the person who is concerned with the smell of dried room. If you want to clean once a few months, chlorine cleaner is recommended.

Oxygen system

It is said that it is an oxygen system that it is resistant to dirt compared to the chlorine system which has a large effect on the fungus. Oxygen detergent removes dirt in the washing machine with foam power. It is good to use hot water about 40 degrees to improve the foaming power.

If you do not clean the washing machine for half a year or one year, it is recommended to remove the dirt in the oxygen system. However, if chlorine cleaner is mixed with oxygen system, toxic gas will occur, so please make sure to use each

The oxygen type detergent does not have a unique smell in the chlorine system. In the following paragraphs, we introduce chlorine and oxygen washing machine cleaning detergent.

Cleaning cleaner cleaner 2

Kaiser cleaner tub cleaner

In the first aspect of this column, we introduce that the detergent is left in the water for several hours. However, it is not necessary to leave it if it is "this is not necessary". You can sterilize and dissolve just by turning the washing machine.

In addition, it is glad to be able to use it more and more easily even if it is washing machine of stainless steel tank.

Cleaning power tank cleaner

This is a chlorine cleaner cleaner cleaner. For example, washing time can be removed in 3 minutes if washing time is 3 minutes, it is very easy to remove mold and bacteria in the washing machine.

This is a feature that it is hard to stick to the washing machine again after it has been removed. There is a feeling that the package with outstanding water color is clean, and seems to be clean.

How to clean the washing machine

Cleaning tank cleaner

It is a washing tank cleaner developed by FAB Reese and ARI. You can clean it by turning the standard course of washing, rinsing, and dehydration without putting it on.

However, please note that the drum washer may cause trouble.

Oxygen type powder cleaner

This is a cleaner system cleaner for oxygen cleaner. As the name suggests, it will remove the mold which is propagated in the back of the washing tank by the force of oxygen. The mold is generated from the cleaning of the detergent, the wetting, and the bacteria, but it is possible to clean the dirt by using the oxygen cleaner.

Please be careful not to be able to use this drum cleaning machine.

In addition, it is possible to clean the washing machine even in the standard course, but it seems to have more effect when putting it on. I want to use it slowly when there is time.

Champignon free series wash tub cleaner

This product is recommended for those who have weak skin or small children. It is not possible to use it to the drum washing machine as well as other oxygen cleaners.

The soap soap additive series has many other items such as detergent and soap for clothing. It is safer if the series of natural and unadditive taste is arranged in series.

Washing machine can be familiar!

Have you ever mentioned various washtub cleaners? From now on, you can clean it once a month in the chlorine system and clean it for about 3 to 4 months in the oxygen system.

However, even if it is the shortest to arrive from the mail of the Amazon and Rakuten, it becomes tomorrow. I want dirty cleaning machine now! Can't wait for the person?

In fact, the unexpected thing in the house can be used for the washing machine cleaning. From now on, let's try washing machine cleaning now!

Baking soda

The "baking soda" which can be used as a kitchen item can be used for washing machine.

Most of the dirt and smell that are unpleasant in daily life are actually acidic. The baking soda is weak alkaline, so it is said that it is effective to dissolve oil stains and bad smell of shoes by neutralizing acid dirt.

Baking soda also has foaming. Like the oxygen washing machine cleaner, bubbles float various dirt.

The baking soda is wide enough to be used for cleaning, so that you can sprinkle the baking soda, sprinkle it in the steam, steam or dissolve it in the water.

The procedure for washing soda baking soda is as follows.

Put water into the washing machine, and add 1 cup (150 g) of baking soda.

After washing the washing machine, leave it for 4 to 6 hours without draining and remove dirt. If you put the baking soda in the washing machine before bedtime and leave it to the morning, you can penetrate it for a long time.

Cracked mold on the surface, so take a scoop. After that, turn the washing machine again. Repeat until the dirt is gone.

Drain. At this time, let's use trash net to prevent the dirt that has not been cut up to the end of the drain.

Turn the standard course again by water. After opening, open the lid and let it dry again.

This is the same as the washing tank cleaner. However, in case of baking soda, it is important to ensure the time to hold the time.

In addition, let's clean the place where it is not usual, such as the detergent inlet and the back of the lid with the baking soda.

Removes the removable parts such as detergent inlet, garbage net, drain filter, and clean with toothbrush and towel. In particular, the detergent input mouth is a part of the detergent and softener used easily. Let's clean it with hot water.

Bleaching agent

It is possible to use bleaching agent for cleaning machine. If I have a washing machine, I think I have a bleach for clothes, so it's two birds.

Bleach is a powder type bleach for oxygen cleaner. As we introduce this article many times, oxygen foam bubbles float.

On the other hand, it is recommended to use chlorine bleach. However, chlorine system and oxygen system should not be used. This is because chlorine gas is generated simultaneously.

Chlorine bleaching agent is a mechanism to bleach the object by releasing chlorine over time, but it will generate chlorine rapidly when it touches with acidic substances such as oxygen bleaching agent. A large amount of chlorine gas is a very dangerous gas that destroys the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and eyes.

Chlorine gas is also used as the first chemical weapon in the war. Moreover, there seems to be a person who died by mixing detergent in the bathroom cleaning in Japan.

If it is left as it is, it becomes a problem of life, and the oxygen system and the chlorine system are used. If you have any problems with your body, please go to the hospital immediately after mixing.

How to clean washing machine with bleach

Put water from 40 degrees Celsius to about 60 degrees Celsius into a washing machine, pour 50 g or 50 cc of bleach to 10 liters of water, wash the washing machine for about 3 to 5 minutes, mix the bleach and hot water, leave the water for a few hours - leave overnight, remove dirt, remove dirt, turn the washing machine and remove the dirt that has been floating Drain

You can clean the washing machine with the same procedure as using the washing tank cleaner. Because it is a tool that is close to you, I make time to make the washing machine carefully.

I repeat the point when cleaning the washing machine using the bleach

In order to remove the dirt, the oxygen bleaching agent of the powder and the black mold are not used together with chlorine bleaching agent, oxygen system and chlorine bleach

. After that, I recommend the product of the oxygen bleach and chlorine bleaching agent.

3 recommended examples of oxygen bleaching agent

H oxyclean ex powder type

This is a bleach which is famous to be used for cleaning the house in America. It seems to be able to improve various conditions such as the cleaning of the oil stains and the water repellent, the bad smell.

By the way, "package" of the package means "multipurpose and universal" in Japanese. Over 101 days to use! However, it can be used for a wide range of applications.

In the end of the year, isn't it a commodity useful for the big cleaning? It can be used as a bleach for normal washing, so it can be useful even if it is left after cleaning after cleaning.

Powder oxygen bleaching agent for H wide high

Next, it is the oxygen bleach "wide height" for clothes. Since I use a bleach agent in washing machine cleaning, I introduce the business use this time.

It is likely to be put on the washing machine by the washing machine, and the washing machine cleaning is easy for the washing in the daily life. It can be said that this bleach for clothes is perfect for washing machine washers that are important to do.

H soap bubbles

It is an oxygen based powder bleaching agent of the soap "soap soap" series which is introduced to the skin.

Because chlorine bleaching agent has no decolorization, it can be used for clothes of color pattern, but it is safe if it is oxygen bleach. Also, there is no stimulant odor like chlorine system is Merritt of oxygen bleach. Recommended for those who want to clean the body gently.

2 chlorine dioxide bleaching agents

Bleaching agent for H

It is a "kitchen high" for bleaching agent for bleach and kitchen whitening.

The "white" of the bleach for clothes is introduced with the kitchen bleach "kitchen high" to introduce next.

Kitchen kitchens

Both of them are introduced as chlorine bleach.

I introduced the "kitchen hight" which is the bleach for the kitchen and the "hitters" of the bleach for clothes, but did you know what features each?

In fact, the difference between "high" and "kitchen hither" is whether the cleaning ingredient is blended.

I think that if you are usually doing laundry, bleach for clothes is used with detergent. In other words, there is no detergent to the "high" itself, and it is used for detergent to remove dirt. On the other hand, the cleaning ingredient is added to the kitchen hight, which is the bleach for the kitchen, and it is possible to drop dirt by this one.

Therefore, it is "kitchen hater" that is cleaning two washing machines. Because it has the ability to remove the dirt and the bleaching power which is characteristic of the chlorine system, it is glad because it has the ability to drop the dirt.

However, the advantage of "whiteer", which is a bleach for clothing, can not be overlooked as a convenience of the usual washing. Therefore, I introduced both "kitchen hight" and "high".

In case of using "high", it is recommended to use oxygen bleaching agent to remove dirt even once a few months. Let's use chlorine system and oxygen system.

If you do not clean the washing machine

There might be some people who thought that "washing up the washing machine", "let's try it from now", thought that it might be "slightly flawed".

Cleaning the washing machine is certainly an honest task, but if you leave any other bacteria or mold that occurs in the washing machine, it may harm our body.

I think you already know that these bacteria and mold are the cause of the dirt of the washing machine, but if you use a dirty washing machine, it will be attached to the clothes.

For example, if you dry the room after washing out of the washing machine, bacteria and mold on the clothes spread throughout the house. Then, people who live in the house breathe into the body only by breathing.

The bacteria that come up from the clothes adhere to the indoor bed and the curtain which usually lives, and it continues to heal the health of the family.

It is not only a child with a weak immune power but also a healthy body.

In addition, it can be attached to the skin directly when it is used for clothes and fungus. Let's clean the washing machine before it affects the body of the important oneself and the family.

The scary part of the washing machine is that it is hard to stain in the inside of the washing tank which usually comes to the eye. I don't know if I have a lot of mold outside the washing tank. The washing machine will be damaged by too much dirt.

Although it may be a little troublesome, let's clean the washing machine and send daily life comfortably!

In addition, there is a method to request the decommissioner to dissolve. If you use a washing machine cleaner, dirt will float too much. It is one hand to ask the manufacturer who is doing the washing machine repair in proportion to the cost of repairing though the repair cost is taken.


Dirt accumulates in washing machines that wash clothes. If you leave the dirt of the washing machine, bacteria and mold are breed and unsanitary. These conditions may lead to allergies or asthma. Regular washing machine cleaning is effective to protect a healthy and comfortable life.

The cleaner when used for washing machine washer is "chlorine system" and "oxygen system (non chlorine system)". The chlorine system is excellent in sterilization power and bleaching power, and the oxygen system can remove dirt by the force of the foam, and it is recommended to use and use it according to purpose.

However, if chlorine and oxygen system are used simultaneously, toxic chlorine gas is generated, so be careful not to use it. In general, it seems that there are many order of sterilization with the chlorine cleaner after removing dirt with the oxygen cleaner.

In addition, it can be substituted with cleaner cleaner cleaner. It is famous as a versatile detergent, bleach for clothes and kitchen. Take full time and use it in the appropriate amount.

The cleaning frequency of the washing machine seems to be desirable for cleaning in the chlorine system with high bactericidal chlorine once a month, and cleaning in the oxygen system to remove dirt once a few months.

Washing machine takes time and trouble. If you haven't cleaned the washing machine for years, and you don't have time to clean up, you might want to ask a vendor.

It may be cheaper if you think that you have to replace it with the health damage caused by the accumulation of dirt, and if it breaks down, if it breaks down.

Let's inquire whether you are doing the repair repair (cleaning) to the contractor who contracting the washing machine repair, and how much the charge is.

A manufacturer or fee capable of requesting a washing machine repair

For more details, please see the "washing machine repair" of "life 110".