didier stevens.

Posted by barello at 2020-03-25

fuzzer.1sc As a thank you to those who nominated me for the European Security Bloggers Awards, I’m going to release some new scripts this week. Here’s the second one. fuzzer.1sc is a 010 Editor script that implements a simple fuzzer. It overwrites bytes in a file or selection. A selection is particularly useful combined with a template. For example, with a couple of clicks you can fuzz the control structures of a JPEG image. 4 parameters (number of fuzz sequences to overwrite, minimum length and maximum length of a sequence, and the fuzz character) allow you to control the random overwriting process. (https)MD5: E9B7114952E81A504C7CF3B06B99B5CFSHA256: CF399EE2D86B6039236608F4FE882E579D7DCFED1DA980B4124ED06FD0C5807A No comments yet.