pavlov j ki extended detention / gordon

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-25

The day before yesterday, a person involved in the murder of activist Ekaterina gandyuk Igor Pavlovski was critically ill in court and taken to hospital. However, the doctor allowed him to attend the meeting.

On 3 March, yekaterina gandyuk Igor Pavlovski, the person involved in the murder of Kherson activists, extended his detention. This is about hromadske.

The lawyer noted that Pavlovski had a poor sense of self and was hospitalized from the court during the day, but the doctor said his condition allowed him to attend the meeting.

The defense asked for Pavlovski's house arrest. Pavlovski himself said nothing because he pointed out that he was not feeling well.

The judge rejected the defence's request to extend Pavlovski's detention until 16 April.

July 31, 2018 She was chemically burned more than 30% of her body, with acid hitting her back, head, arms and eyes. On November 4, an activist died.

In the case of the attack on the activists, six were arrested. In early June 2019, five offenders, all participants in the Asia Pacific region, were convicted after investigation. They were sentenced to three to 250 years in prison.

The sixth person arrested was Pavlovski. The prosecution thinks he knows all the details of the crime.

In July 2019, Pavlovski's chosen period of house arrest expired, and the prosecutor did not apply for an extension because of his health.

On 5 August, it was reported that the attorney general's office had ratified the Pavlovski agreement and submitted an indictment and a plea agreement to the court.

The suspect in the case is serguei torbin, the organizer of the gangchuk group, who is serving a sentence.