thinkphp website navigation source v2.3.1

Posted by lipsius at 2020-03-26

Guojiz website navigation system is a website navigation website source developed with PHP + mysql.

New member center

Basic setting information modification article submission article comment

Pay quick review [solve navigation profit]

Integral recharge [Alipay]

There is no integrated membership center on the mobile terminal

Background recharge record points configuration payment configuration

Article comment management background can open and close member registration

Updated in 20190628

Before I knew it, there was another version of the line

Add the number of days of code running in this station and set the installation time in the background

URL ා suffix custom modification

Home page rolling announcement

Invalid repair tool Click

Fix the ICO display on the mobile phone

New top time switch

Modify a lot of small details

Come and experience

Background add control PC home module display can be closed with one key

New style of homepage search keeps the original style and can be switched in the background

New authorized users use the website to access the website update module

Fix image problems such as template display ico

Statistics code removal (you can fill in the statistics code in the template file index_footer.html, which is usually not changed frequently and can be added manually)

Add Baidu auto push code

Fix too many small details

Fix the trend of dynamic data popularity

Add the ICO display of automatic access website (local upload is preferred if there is no local upload to automatically access the ICO display of the website)

Add add navigation link to set whether new window and sort display

Add 8 items about the misplacement of the tool display on the home page to display normally on the top

Add, add and modify the logo in the background

Add statistics code

Fix the problem that there is no input box for adding web address in the background

Fix news search issues

Add the current time in the upper right corner of PC

Fix leaderboard display problems

Get rid of useless code, simplify the program, we have special SEO optimizer, you can use it at ease

Log backstage

1. Add, modify and delete the website navigation classification

2. Web address management: whether to open tools, display, control whether the foreground displays ICO, recommend, select, etc

3. News management can automatically obtain content pictures to add convenient and quick cover pages

4. Add, modify and delete ads in the background control whether to display

Journal front desk

New release of PC and mobile independent templates

New custom navigation sorting in the background

The trend of increasing popularity of front-end website details page is clear at a glance

Add ranking today's ranking and total top ranking

Add news search

Mobile template optimization

There are only 8 3M data sheets in the installation package, and none of them is missing

We are mainly simple and flexible