release of jumpserver v0.2.0

Posted by barello at 2020-03-26

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Deployment address:

Instructions for use (more screenshots):

1、 Update log

--Login script--

1.1 log in to the back-end host using paramiko native SSH protocol (the original version used pexpect to simulate login)

1.2 new login with alias or remarks

1.3 group view of new hosts, more convenient to use

1.4 multithread batch execution command

1.5 optimize login script

--Web Management--

1.6 more beautiful web interface

1.7 add department administrator to manage members of the Department

1.8 add dashboard statistics

1.9 add department, user group and host group

1.10 more detailed user information and host information

1.11 add the login mode map to the host login mode, which is used to log in the host that does not support LDAP

1.12 host authorization, sudo authorization changed to inter group authorization

1.13 add host batch modify, batch add

1.14 add user to automatically generate random password, and then automatically send email

1.15 add various searches

1.16 add authorization application of general user web page

1.17 more friendly audit interface

1.18 add filter search function to the host

1.19 add user image

1.20 upload in batch

1.21 add Department Administrator page

1.22 the content of ordinary user page is richer

Two. Screenshots

2.1 landing page

2.2 administrator home page

2.3 viewing users

2.4 viewing assets

2.5 monitoring page

2.6 command statistics

2.7 general user home page

2.8 personal information of ordinary users

2.9 file upload


2.9 jump interface