the end of the trip: the oldest circus in the united states performs the latest show

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-27

The right owner of the Reuters image clip will play the last show on Facebook. "

Many years ago, the night I went home, I drove to the tunnel to connect Manhattan and the queen, and suddenly I found a huge traffic jam. The car stopped and waited for something.

Then I saw an elephant coming towards me from the dark.

When you sit in your car, the elephants next to you seem to be crazier than them. There are dozens of four ton giants from the opening of the black hole, then following their horses and a series of wild animals, they are taken to the wheels of the cage.

I soon realized that in front of me was not a big escape beast, but later I knew, He attended the famous Ringling brothers parade from Madison Square Garden in Queens.

The March has been going on for decades, but it will end in 2010, and this Sunday's circus will give the world's greatest show, "the last, This is the union near New York.

The speech will be broadcast on Facebook and the circus website.

The circus has lasted nearly a century and a half, with uncompetitive smartphones and video games, as well as years of animal rights protesters, Although they didn't lose a lawsuit, they didn't even pay $25 million. (thousands of US dollars)

A year ago, the circus sent Asian elephants to rest on land in Florida. Their absence also affected their expenses. In January, the host announced that may 21 was the last performance of the circus.

There are about 23 other circus companies that will stay in the United States, where they can find some actors and about 500 people working there. There are both Russians and Central Asians. Many riders, for example, come from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

They predict that some of the dismissed artists will open their own circus.

The entire circus, known as Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circle, consists of two groups, one of which presented its final performance on May 7 and dissolved. The last part is the second part.


Before 1957, the circus performed in its own tents, each with up to five gymnasiums, but later only in permanent facilities.

Ten years later, the ringong family sold the circus, and now he is part of a feld entertainment group led by Kenneth feld.

The circus runs on the railway and consists of 60 carriages, 40 buses and 20 trucks, every half kilometer. Part of it has been bought by collectors or circus fans.

Some property will be allocated to the circus Museum in Babu)(

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Their rivals Barnum and Bailey were the most popular at the time, but they bought their circus in 1907. At first the circus was separate, but in 1919 the ringlings decided to merge them.

As the circus became more and more culturally significant, President Roosevelt granted him a special license in 1942 to use the railway, which was a serious restriction. Because of the war.

However, the military refused to provide water-resistant tents to the circus, so it began to use paraffin diluted in gasoline. It pushed the water well, but it burned better, and on July 6, 1944, during a one-day show in Hartford, Connecticut, the tent caught fire.

Although firefighters arrived immediately, about 167 people were killed.

Several circus leaders were jailed, and his owners spent all their profits over the next ten years settling lawsuits in the city and the victims.

The war failed?

After the war, the circus got worse because of the competition between film and television, but it remained, despite steadily rising costs, reduced audiences, lawsuits and pickets. Animal rights defenders sometimes take extreme measures.

In 2012, the circus learned that the plaintiff on trial for abusing Asian elephants paid $190000 in false statements to a worker, which was the basis of the case.

The circus sued the plaintiff and received more than $9 million (thousands of US dollars)

However, animal protectors continue their public campaigns and authorities have imposed increasing restrictions, especially on the use of elephants, which has always been the public's favorite.

"I can't fight town hall," owner Kenneth feld raised his hand, repeating the famous American saying, "you can fight the city."

"It's a very cruel company that should have ended their days." - Ashleigh burns, the BBC, agrees with the group's people on the ethical treatment of animals. ")

After forcing the circus to send the elephant to rest, activists continued to brand him for using other animals, from tigers, leopards and kangaroos to horses and goats. Protests were also planned in the final statement.

The Ringling brothers deny the allegations of violence, saying they have found a shelter for half of the existing hundreds of circus animals. Those who belong to their own coaches will remain in their hands, for example, the famous British circus tiger Alexander Lacey.

He spent $5000 a week killing tiger beef, chicken and beef liver and heart. After the circus was closed, he planned to go to Germany with his tiger, where his brother, drexelov, lived.

Lacey said all his colleagues were dead.

"In my heart, of course, it's hard," said Jonathan livison, a 2-meter-old black sprechtalmaster acrobat who began to perform the National Anthem of the United States on every show, But it's all over. "