program: study the principle of plug-in design from scratch

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-27

01 a simple memory plug-in

Write a simple plug-in through C language, modify the game data through API function, so as to realize the cheating function

02 read data from base address

A plug-in is written in C language, and game data is obtained through API function, so as to realize cheating function

03 automatic simulation operation function

A plug-in is written in C language, and the game can be played automatically by API function simulation

04 simple DLL injection game

A DLL file and an EXE file are written in C language. The DLL contains cheating function. After running exe, the DLL is injected into the game, so that the game can realize cheating function only by its own process

05 simple DLL hijacking

A system DLL file (LPK. DLL) is written by C language, in which the fake DLL contains hijacking function and cheating function and has the same export function. Put the fake DLL into the same directory of the game, the fake DLL will be loaded automatically when the game is opened, so that the game directly contains cheating function

06 aim assist

Through simple GDI drawing, the designed auxiliary line appears on the game window as the collimation, and the shape, size and color of the collimation can be adjusted manually

07 simple process protection

By writing a simple process hook to protect the driver and run it, analyze how to remove the driver protection