lotte gallery displays "korean laughter: cross talk"

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-27

Lotte Gallery displays "Korean Laughter: cross talk"

Lotte Gallery displays "Korean Laughter: cross talk"

Introduction to the starting point of cross talk in China

Lotte Gallery yongdengpu store held the exhibition of "Korean Laughter: cross talk" until November 25. Moreover, from November 29 to January 5 next year, the same exhibition will be held in the cool shop of Lotte gallery.

Crosstalk satirizes the society with amusing or funny words to amuse the audience. It can be said that this is the source and beginning of the performance that we think is comedy or funny.

From the North Korean era to now, this exhibition examines how our smiles are formed and changed. It is the first time that the footprints of Korean cross talk are regarded as visual display. In addition, through the restoration of social value and significance, the works of "Xian Taijun", a cartoonist and illustrator who makes everyone laugh happily, add a visual smile to crosstalk.

In the Korean era, many people were able to bring laughter to them from the historical shackles, such as the joking song and dance star jizai Tan Jia Pu chunzai, the Japanese Emperor's occupation of Charlie Chaplin, who was found to be a ghost of cross talk, and the cross talk star Zhang Bolin.

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