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Posted by barello at 2020-02-22

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This is the 4th blog article of web meeting system, zoom. In this blog, we have introduced a way to cooperate with H.323's video conferencing system (Polycom, Cisco, ayaya, Sony, Panasonic) and the communication tool slack. This is a highly versatile zoom, but it can actually work with Skype for business (SFB) and teams.

First step: how to use the web conference system "zoom" for telework. The second reason to choose "zoom room" in the next videoconference system: a case study of the black meeting system adopted by SLI Corporation

This time, we introduce how to collaborate with SFB and team.

Cooperation between zoom and Skype for business

As a connection condition, zoom requires more than a pro payment plan, SFB, and vice versa.

After confirming this, the procedure is:

The initial configuration is configured to be unable to connect to the SFB. It cannot be enabled by the configuration change from the management screen. Therefore, a function activation application is necessary for zoom Corporation. There are two ways of applying the application and the application via the purchaser.

Click submit subrequest on the support request page of zoom

Fill in details and click Submit

This is done. In the next few days, the mail will be sent with the function enabled. When the function is enabled, the invitation URL of the Skype for business appears.

Click on the URL to start the SFB and participate in the meeting.

Note that the company that uses the SFB may disable the external connection. Let's check it beforehand.

Reference: Skype for business / LYC integration

Cooperation between zoos and teams

Next, team cooperation. As a condition of connection, zoom requires more than a pro payment plan and team admin / owner privileges. The procedure is:

First, log in to browser from browser and click integration (integration in Japanese)

Scroll down to select micro soft teams

Choose team domain, work domain

Next, start teams and select the left bottom store

Search for "zoom" in the search screen and select zoom meeting

Associate Microsoft and zoom accounts

This will be available.

Below is a list of commands available on teams.

Getting started with the micro soft teams integration

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