the eighth chapter of the killer: times

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-27

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times; this is the age of wisdom, this is the age of stupidity; this is the season of light, this is the season of darkness; this is the spring of hope, this is the winter of disappointment; there is everything in front of people, there is nothing in front of people; people are on the road to heaven, people are going to hell. -- Dickens in two cities

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times;

This is an age of wisdom, this is an age of stupidity;

This is a bright season, this is a dark season;

This is the spring of hope, this is the winter of disappointment;

There is everything in front of people, there is nothing in front of people;

People are on the way to heaven, people are going to hell.

-- Dickens in two cities

The path of the invasion has never been smooth, depending on the person who carried out it. Hackers often find ways to reach their ultimate goal that no one else can see. This time, it is a huge group. Although there may be many entrances, many roads are complex, some may even be sweet traps, or they may not reach the final destination.

In the face of such a huge group, in addition to the automatic information collection system, a large number of people are required to extract and combine these information, and develop intrusion schemes. So as to achieve the goal with the shortest event. To touch blindly is like wasting time and life.

Is it because in recent months you have rejected the task to do something so unconventional? Wang Zinei began to laugh at his own stupid practices. This situation is a dangerous signal for a professional cyber killer. He had to take it seriously and tighten himself up. In his heart, this invasion must not be taken lightly.

Input this goal into the system of information collection. The screen in front of Wang Zi shows a slow-growing progress bar. Behind this simple interface, there are several bit strings distributed in different places that are used to spy on numerous interwoven networks. This also indicates that a network attack is about to happen. No one knows what this cyber attack will bring?

Wang Zi saw bad rumors about HH group in foreign social networks, but such news was not seen in domestic websites. Recently, the state has increased its blockade of foreign websites. It's more difficult to climb over the wall to see such news. It's even more curious what kind of force is controlling it.

The 21st century is an era of rapid development. The degree of information development in this era is amazing. The capacity of information is more than the sum of the previous several thousand years, and it is still doubling every year. The state attaches great importance to the threat of network security, accelerating and promoting the construction of network security. This is good news for those who are engaged in the network security industry, and it will undoubtedly increase the cost for the black industry. But no matter what, the black industry will be skilfully bypassed in unexpected ways. And the two are highly dependent, if there is no black industry, then there will be no network security industry. The world is such a contradiction, and the essence of contradiction lies in that it is controlled by a contradiction subject (person).

"Ding Ding" sounds from the stereo, and "your information collection is finished!" is displayed on the screen. When Wang Zi clicks open, a tree structure chart with many data and information is displayed. After a night, Wang Zi extracted and sorted out so much information. When it was finished, Wang Zi stretched out and looked at the time. It was six o'clock in the morning. The window was still dark. "It seems that we can't practice boxing today," Wang Zi said to himself.

Wang Zi's main target is the senior and senior secretaries of the group, as well as the operation and maintenance personnel of the network. He accidentally obtained an internal address book of the group through the search engine. Combined with the social work database constructed by Wang Zi, the key information of relevant personnel will be obtained soon. It is more direct to attack the senior level. If not, most of the group's server permissions can be obtained from the operation and maintenance personnel, which is convenient to obtain information from the inside.

Through another busy morning, I finally targeted two people, brandy, 25, one of the secretaries of HH group chairman. The other is Wei Qifu, 28, an operation and maintenance personnel of HH group. Through the morning collection, Wang Zi mastered the habits, basic information, and the recent situation of the two people, including the address of course, and both people like to send photos. In today's network, social software is full of a large number of personal photos and some privacy information with location. For hackers, such information is very important, and it will bring great convenience to their attacks.

Wei Qifu is checking the contents of the USB flash drive on Jingdong's website. Because the USB flash drive he just bought recently broke down, he went to the seller's place to give a bad comment. This time, he is very careful in selecting U-disk. He also posted on a professional forum on the Internet about it. At this time, his computer rings. He got through. There was a man's voice over there.

"Hello, is that Mr. Wei?"

"I am, who are you?"

"I'm Xiao Zhao, a customer service personnel of Dongsheng Technology. I saw that you gave us a poor evaluation of a product and said that there are serious problems in our quality. I'd like to know something about it. "

"Your U-disk broke after I bought it for only one month, and your customer service said it couldn't be repaired. It's too late for me. "

"I'm very sorry for this. U disk belongs to vulnerable items, but we have passed the product qualification inspection. The probability of your presence really belongs to a small probability time. In addition, it has something to do with your use. "

"So you're on my own?"

"No, do you think it's OK. I'll send you a new U-disk. Can you get rid of the bad comments?"

"I no longer believe in your products."

"Our hard disk is absolutely genuine, and it's from a large factory. Your situation is really an accident with a very small probability. We'll compensate you with a new one. If there is a problem with our U disk again, it is not better for you to consider replacing the other one. "

"Then you are sending me a new one." Weiqifu thought about it, too, which can save a lot of money.

"OK, we'll send the same new one to the original address. In addition, please cooperate with us and send back your original problem, which we will check. "

"Where should I send it? Are you responsible for the postage? "

"Yes, you can send it to the address of *, the addressee is Xiao Zhao, and the phone number is 166123692181 (random number). After you send it, we will send you a new U-disk as soon as possible. Please also remove the bad comments. Thank you! "

"I've received a new U-disk to get rid of the bad comments for you."


Weiqifu hangs up the phone. He suspects that things may not be so simple. He specially checks the phone number to confirm whether it is the official customer service. When he saw that the call was in line with the shop phone, he gave up. He made an appointment for the express to send the hard disk.

Wang Zi heard the voice of hanging up. He smiled, it seemed that the fish had been hooked. He used the software of phone number deception and camouflaged the customer service personnel to gain the trust of the operation and maintenance personnel of the large group enterprise. A gate was about to open to him.

The next day, Wang Zi received the defective U disk sent by Wei Qifu. Wang Zi took it apart and took out the chip. He put the prepared badusb chip into the shell of the U disk. When the chip is plugged into the computer, it will execute malicious remote control programs. As like as two peas, Wang Zi bought a new U disk in Zhongguancun computer city.

Wang Zi uses the caller ID to cheat and dial Wei Qifu's phone.

"Hello, I'm Dongsheng Technology's customer service. We have received your USB flash disk. We have used technical means to repair the USB flash disk. In addition, in order to protect your use, we specially prepared a new U disk for you. Please delete the bad comments. "

"After I get the U disk, I look at it and say."

"OK, U disk will be sent out for you today, and received at the latest 3 days. Please check. "

Two days later, Wang Zi labeled the two U-disks, differentiated them and packed them. Put it into a paper box, seal it, and then fill in all the information of the other party. Wearing a red Jingdong Express clothing. Put on a hat and press it down. Everything is ready to go.

Calm as usual, in the arrival of HH group downstairs, Wang Zi called Wei Qifu.

"Hello, Jingdong express. Your express is here. Please come downstairs to take it down."

"OK, I'll go down now."

At this time, Wang Zi was with other couriers. He squatted in front of a lot of couriers and pasted his phone in his ear. Soon, Wei Qifu came to Wang Zi. He said to Wang Zi, "Wei Qifu's express". Wang Zi looked up at him, then handed him the U disk and asked him to sign it. When Wei Qifu went upstairs, Wang Zi left.

Wei Qifu got a new U-disk and another U-disk. There was some joy in his heart. The face of the unconscious leakage of shallow smile. When he got back to the work station, he immediately tried whether the U disk was working properly. After five seconds, a prompt window for new hardware access popped up in the lower right corner of the desktop. In these five seconds, the remote control program has been implanted into the computer of weiqifu. Another broiler was added to Wang Zi's control end. At this time, Wang Zi is on his way home. On the way, we can see some people dragging their luggage and walking in this cold winter. Their eyes were dim, a little confused and disappointed. Wang Zi didn't know where they were going or why. Now the most important thing for ah is to go home. Discover the secrets hidden in the city and even the country as soon as possible.  


1. The case of obtaining communication through search engine mainly comes from that in 2013, the address book of the whole group, once like home, can be searched through search engine. The address book discloses the personnel, functions and contact information of the group level enterprises.

2. The idea of social workers comes from the case of "hacker social engineering attack" written by fan Jianzhong.

3. There are charging software selling call display deception in the network.