research on russian cyberspace operations of "fighting nation"

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-27

This article is published in the June 2019 issue of the online information military civilian integration magazine

[editor's note] Russia will hold a nationwide "disconnection" exercise to test Russia's Cyber Defense system. Based on this background, through collecting the latest data, this paper analyzes the network space operation form of "fighting nation" Russia in succession, from the aspects of capability support, attack and defense capability and characteristics, network "shooting range" and training exercise of Russia's network space operation, as well as the attitude of the Western world towards Russia's network war.

Research on Russian cyberspace operations of "fighting nation"

Yang Xiaojiao and huojiajia of China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd

1、 Russian cyberspace combat capability support

(1) Strategic regulations

(2) Organizations and institutions

(3) Personnel training and selection

(4) Hacker power

2、 Attack and defense capability and characteristics of Russian cyberspace operations

(1) Development of cyber weapons

(2) Attack characteristics

(1) Forming a network electricity integrated attack system

(2) More covert means of attack

(3) Attack faster

(3) Defense ability

3、 Russian cyberspace operation "shooting range" and training exercise

(1) Network shooting range in actual combat

(2) "Heroes" cut off the Internet, fight against western deterrence and ensure national security

4、 The attitude of the western world, led by the United States, towards Russia's cyber war