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What is wrong 502?

502 bad gateway errors may also occur in different forms and types. Here are a few of her options:

How to correct the error of 502 bad gateway

Because 502 bad gateway error is usually related to server side problems, it may be due to incorrect configuration or client side problems. We will consider steps to find solutions in both cases. While some of the solutions are text-oriented, most of them can be applied to any website. Let's start looking for the causes and solving the errors 502:

1. Update page

The first solution will be very simple. Wait about a minute or two and update your page. In most cases, a temporary and simple page update error will achieve the goal. Please note that you can also check if the site works with online tools.

2. Clear browser cache

If an error exists, there is an option, and a loose element causes it. Then cleaning up the browser cache is a good way to find out the cause of the error 502 bad gateway.

3. Try another browser

It's also a good idea to check the connection and use another browser or anonymous mode. This will allow you to eliminate the cause of browser errors.

4. Clear DNS cache

502 the error may be due to DNS related reasons, such as invalid IP address in the cache. In this case, resetting the DNS cache is another solution you can try. This is about how to erase dnsn windows cache, MAC and Linux manual.

You can also temporarily switch your DNS server to Google public DNS by default.

5. Check other equipment.

If none of the above does help you correct the 502 error, check the connection to another computer or mobile device, preferably to another network. This is the final step, which will allow you to identify errors on one side of your machine or elsewhere.

6. Please check the error log

If the 502 bad gateway error is generated after a specific modification or update, the possible cause is the website itself. The best way is to check the error log to determine the prompt.

In WordPress, you can add the error log to the wp-config.php file:

All created entries will be displayed in the file wp-content / debug.log.

7. Check the plug-in.

It's also important to check your plug-ins and extensions. Problems with the cache plug-in can cause 502 bad gateway errors. A simple way to determine if there is a problem with plugins - it won't shut them down all the time. To do this, go to the WP content directory and rename the plugins directory.

If your site is disconnected after all plug-ins, you can rename the directory back to plugins and add it. Then try to disable a check on the plug-in, one of which is wrong.

8. Check CDN network

Another reason for 502 bad gateway error may be CDN network or DOS prevention service. A good example might be cloudflare, where 502 bad gateway errors appear in two different versions, depending on the reason.

This page points out that there is a problem on the cloudflare side and you need to contact their support services to eliminate it. Alternatively, you can choose to disable cloudflare, but remember that DNS updates can take several hours.

However, if you see such an error, it means an error on the part of your hosting service provider.

9. Contact your host service provider

If the above recommendations do not help correct 502 bad gateway errors, it is best to turn to support services. In describing this situation, try to mention all the steps you have taken to eliminate it. It will help to provide as much information as possible!

2. conclusion

In this manual, we have studied 502 bad gateway errors and what are the solutions to them.

If you have more tips, tips or solutions, be bold to share with us in the comments below!