on-line request for post-metric sequencing, end date 20 december

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-28

State Postal Material Securities Training Session for 2019-20, Room 12th Acceptance and Distribution Actions are being online on the website.

Ripper in which the conducted online state post-metric sequential training session for 2019-20, Attempts to receive a request from the 12th grade and disseminate are being made online on the website. It includes the principal, semi-principal university, and University, engineering college, medical college, ITI, political order are listed as students, as well as or the students in the back class who are able to report a post-metric sequence conducted by the division.

In this case, the department offers the students' pensions and institutions The request can be updated from 21 November to 20 December. The draft protocol can be submitted from 21 November to 30 December and the section order from 21 November to 10 November. It can be locked up to January, by the authorities. It's been determined by January 20th to collect.

After the specified period the education session will not be accepted for post-metric sequencing of 2019-20 and the draft profile will not be accepted The session order will not be locked. Do not complete the operation until the specified date When the evening is taken up, the prince of the house shall be free for it.

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