i put maia mailguard in sakura vps

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-28

Setting up the mail server is good, but there are many spam because there is a public address. The reason why the acquaintance is "not seeing mail recently" is the reason why "spam is too much" and "why. So I decided to introduce SpamAssassin I wanted to try. I don't know this is hard.

The package itself can be installed in yum. If you use amavisd new, you can link with virus check. Although it was a bit easier for the clamd to be a virus check, spamassasin would not be able to use the postfix in the virtual system.

It is a site of "personal computer oyaji" where the management of the surroundings was able to be compiled by the GUI and the wonderful tool called Maia mailguard was introduced at the site of "personal computer oyaji" that arrives at this time. Moreover, the Japanese patch is open to the public, and the head always falls. As for the page, the introduction procedure of the main page of the main page (English: the problem is not only because it pursues the flow of the command though it is English, and it is not a problem), and the slight error is turning

I arrived at this screen! After that, I had trouble writing the DSN of the configuration file, but I was able to log in

I looked at this screen and blew. At 3 a.m.... Sleepy. I was sleepy, but I was glad to see if I didn't have spam.