the world of alien tourists' cosmic dust is introduced by amateur scientists

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Norwegian jazz guitarists and scientists also give up the success of collecting and classifying cosmic dust in cities

(Seoul = Union News) reporter Yin Dongying = our head, clothes, roof and office building roof are not only coming out of car exhaust, or only accumulating fine dust brought from China. It is also mixed with cosmic dust from stars far away from the universe.

Cosmic dust magnifies the picture. Source:

Most of it is dust from the birth of the solar system falling from comets, or debris from collisions between planets or asteroids. But the matter coming from outside the solar system, like the dust of stars, is also falling on the earth.

Due to its diversity, the cosmic dust that needs to be covered by a microscope may become an excellent window for detecting the huge universe with a telescope, so it has been the collection and research object of scientists since a long time ago.

According to "official" scientists, human dust can only be found in Antarctica or inland deserts, but urban areas also tried to explore cosmic dust in 1940s and 1950s, but gave up because of the obstruction of human pollutants.

The work was done by amateur "citizen scientists" in Norway. John Larson, 58, a famous Norwegian jazz guitarist, composer and record producer, has published a recent paper in the journal Geology of the American Geological Society after searching for cosmic dust in urban daily life for the past eight years, the New York Times Online reported Thursday. The book dust in search of stars will be published in August.

This is the first book to enlarge the cosmic dust called "smile meteorite and meteor array" to 3000 times, take colorful photos and introduce the world of cosmic dust to the public.

He was infatuated with collecting rocks since childhood, but because of his musical talent, he gave up his passion for science. However, in 2009, a bright particle was found in a rural house on the outskirts of Oslo while cleaning the table in the wild. Isn't it a visitor to the universe? The curiosity of childhood resurrected. Then eight years later, he was a musician in the daytime and a scientist in the evening, looking for the life of the universe in space.

In order to perform with his jazz group, he walked around the world, collecting hundreds of kilograms of samples in roads, roofs, parking lots, industrial parks, water soap, sewers and other places.

"But even a cosmic dust has not been found, in a state of frustration," Larson decided to change the way. I have learned dozens of methods of earth dust, excluded them, and found out the particles that may be cosmic dust.

Finally, two years ago, Larson, a scientist at lindpelier college in London, UK, picked out a particle that was not the earth, but a tourist from the alien universe. " "I know what to look for, so I can find it everywhere," he told the New York Times

"Anyone can look for cosmic dust in the same way as themselves. Schools should also teach citizen science," he said

According to Dr. masugene of lindpelier college, the author of Larson's cosmic dust paper, the New York Times reported: "if the discovery of new cosmic dust continues, through this point, scientific knowledge about nebulae will increase, so will scientific problems about the structure of the universe.

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