block chain based "2 authentication" technology blocks the threat source of iot hackers

Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-22

Input 09:54, September 29, 2019

Hackers try to use IP scanning technology, hackers, robot arm on the table abnormal response. The hacked IP camera was mercilessly transmitted to the hacker's screen on the face of the interview group. There is no tattoo information, only instructions, object network equipment is hacked. But the flag applies to stealth platforms, and things change. The result of scanning failure appears on the hacker screen of the attempt hacker, and the flag appears the notice of blocking the hacker on the screen of the stealth platform. Block chain based 2 authentication can cut off the hacker's connection.

IHS toilets, a market research company, is expected to have 120 billion IOT equipment algebras in the world by 2030. KT Economic Operation Research Institute also analyzes that the loss of domestic IOT hackers will reach 26.7 trillion won. Like this, the importance of IOT security in the 5g era, where the whole of daily life is connected to the Internet, will increase.

KT said Tuesday that gigastealt, the basic IOT security solution, will be completed on the 27th and will provide demonstration services.

Jin Chengzhe's KT information security platform business said: "based on the difference of KT 5g platform through the invisible TV, the existing 5g features of ultra-high speed, ultra extension combination, It will provide the value of "before the draft" that surpasses the barrier. "The banner will take invisibility as the starting point, lead the IOT market, and attract the network security market in various fields."

The basic price invisible TV is the "IP" technology and KT block chain that make hackers unable to see the IP address of IOT terminal. The sender who obtains the authentication only comes into contact with the "intelligent network access control" technology of IOT port and communication. The base price stealth platform gives all the inherent chain IDS about users, IOT servers, IOT terminals and other communications. Distribute 1 time soil, user, server and terminal to provide security for the terminal.

IOT terminal hackers are mostly formed through anonymous Internet connections. Kijia stealth TV can solve the IOT security threat by blocking the hacker's connection through 2 authentication (ID authentication and 1 Longtou authentication).

"There is a security threat to the operating system (OS), V3 or drugs," said the group leader of the future platform business division of KT integrated security platform business group, When security applications such as noton are downloaded, real-time defense, and the security function of IOT terminal itself drops, "if you want to defense from the threat of hackers, you need to apply solutions in the process of network connection.".

Generally, the actions of IOT hackers are ▲ confirm the intrusion path and intrusion ▲ ensure the vulnerability ▲ inject malignant code and malicious control. KT explained that the root cause of IOT hackers is the first phase of the connection. Hackers enter into IOT instruments to gain control system permission.

Hackers dominate the DNS IP, and the terminal finds out the password. IP scanning technology that randomly finds out IP will also be hacked. However, if the IOT device uses a stealth platform, it will only provide IP to authenticated users. That is to say, the machine on the IP scan run by the hacker did not respond.

"The banner is an invisible platform and an indispensable TV set. First, cut off all the packaging methods of IOT terminals and communications, and verify it by one-time visa," said PM, an intellectual at KT curt, Cui Chengjun. "Core policies can be kept by block chain technology.".

Flag is a security technology optimized for IOT environment in terms of cost efficiency. IOT system forms a market centered on the minimum non use performance, which has a burden on the application of higher security solutions. But the flag is not equipped in the stealth phone terminal and can be based on the network. The security management of IOT terminal is provided, which improves the convenience of administrator with simple security operation function.

KT said many companies are concerned about its invisible platform. Autonomous driving, intelligent mask field is under discussion for the application of stealth platform.

Jin Chengzhe business said: "in the field of self driving or manufacturing industry, momentum shows great concern for invisible TV sets" and "application is also being considered in the modern heavy industry of building KT 5g intelligent mask platform".

KT will launch IOT gate with stealth TV within this year. It can be applied to many kinds of IOT systems, such as remote needle detector, card clearing machine, bus information terminal, etc. KT plans to enlarge its flag to various fields such as wireless communication modules and software development tools outside IOT.

"Its invisible platform will be listed on the market with packaging paper for existing products such as 5g for enterprises," said Li Qinglu, the group leader. "According to what kind of combination, the price will be different."