anbi lab will provide code audit for the road seal agreement

Posted by deaguero at 2020-03-29

The road India Agreement has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with secbit, which focuses on smart contract security research. In the future, both parties will conduct the code audit and formal verification of the smart contract of the road seal agreement; meanwhile, as an independent third party, anbi lab will provide security audit services for erc20 token contracts that the road seal agreement will support in the future.

Anbi laboratory was founded by Guo Yu, Ph.D., University of science and technology of China. Anbi laboratory focuses on the research of smart contract security technology, from the perspective of cryptography, code semantics, formal verification, game theory, compiler and other theories, focusing on the whole life cycle of smart contract design, development, test, audit, and developing a series of tools and services, fundamentally solving the security problem of smart contract.

Typical problems that may exist in current smart contracts: most blockchain projects will achieve code open source, so security vulnerabilities cannot be hidden and vulnerable to attack; smart contracts that have been published on the blockchain are irreversible, and the source code of the contract cannot be modified; traditional software security technology cannot meet the high security requirements of the blockchain.

Anbi lab will provide complete code audit and formal verification for the road printing protocol 2.0 series, and strictly ensure that the protocol fundamentally eliminates any security and business logic vulnerabilities; Anbi lab will also provide special smart contract security vulnerability detection tools and advanced audit services for the ecology of Luyin, ensure the security and standardization of digital assets such as tokens, and create a healthy and orderly trading ecology.