shopnc's latest java version is online, with more powerful functions!

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-29

I haven't seen you for a long time. Muki brings you good news. The latest java version of shopnc will be launched in June!

Shopncjava is the most advanced, efficient and stable e-commerce system in China. Are you looking forward to it? If you don't talk much, look at the picture first.

Homepage interface of shopping mall

Product details screen

Shopping Cart

Now let's introduce the features of shopnc Java e-commerce system in detail~

We choose the most mature and mainstream framework to reconstruct the shopnc mall system as a whole, so as to ensure that it becomes the most stable and efficient e-commerce platform system in the industry.

In order to meet the needs of all kinds of large-scale commercial users, shopnc java version mall system will fully support all kinds of popular mainstream database docking configuration and use on the market.

We develop shopnc Java mall system in a modular way to facilitate cluster deployment and support dynamic node expansion. Using multi-level distributed cache, dynamic content and static content are separated, which can effectively improve the response speed and load capacity of the system.

Provide a complete solution for SQL injection, XSS, CSRF and other main attack methods to effectively prevent all kinds of attacks; powerful rights management mechanism, background and merchants can establish rights groups respectively to carry out rights subdivision management; front and back multi-level authentication system to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of data.

Based on the powerful retrieval function constructed by Lucene and Solr, the system is optimized according to the characteristics of the mall system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of search.

The management background of shopnc Java mall system adopts responsive layout, which can be easily managed by mobile phone, tablet and PC.

The most professional development team, the most perfect after-sales support, with standardized development technical documents, complete and clear code notes, create a high-quality service environment for program customization and expansion, and function secondary development.

In addition to these seven features, in order to facilitate the timely communication between businesses and buyers, shopnc has updated the web version of online IM chat tool, first look at the picture to feel the same advantages.

Online customer service chat interface

The user does not need to download the client. JQuery node.js realizes instant message exchange. The user can conduct commodity consultation and exchange in customer service IM, and realize many functions such as automatic saving of offline messages, push prompt after online, displaying customer service online status, etc

There are so many advantages, wood can't help showing off.

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