guidelines for suspension of network address registration management services or services previously provided by the state

Posted by fierce at 2020-02-22

Hello. Korea network revitalization Institute (hereinafter referred to as kisa).

According to the local migration policy of public authorities, kisa network address resource center is mainly transferred.

Some network address registration management services such as new domain name registration and existing domain name information change will be suspended as follows.

Krdns service is not interrupted, so the general network use such as "Kr" and "South Korea" website connection is not affected.

*DNS (domain name system): the system of domain name (kisa. Or. KR) which is easily recognized by people on the network, and IP address ( which is recognized by the server


Temporarily Out of Service Eleven Twenty-two 00:00 ~ 08:00 (8 hours)

O interrupt service: network address registration management service

-New registration of national domain name (. Kr,. Korea), change of registered national domain name information and extension of use period, etc

-Application for new assignment of IP address / as number, information change of IP address / as number assignment organization, etc

-National domain name service in whois*

*Distribution of domain name information protection service, domain name authentication code, whois OpenAPI Distribution Service

* the national domain name, IP address / as number configuration registration information search service can be used normally

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