sinopsis legend of the phoenix episode 1

Posted by trammel at 2020-03-29

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Lang Kun introduced some theaters to the Empress, and she chose the Phoenix theater. The Queen asked Wei Guang to call the Phoenix Theatre. Ning Zhi did a chair in the clouds, but he fell from the sky. Wei Guang caught him, and they had long eye contact.

He said thank you and asked him to say something. But he showed that he was too easily angry, and told him that the Queen invited him to perform for the Queen and he would pay 500 silver. Ning Zhi disappeared when he looked at Wei Guang, but he was aware of the sensation when he confirmed the message. People praised Ning Zhi for getting the deal, but Ning Zhi thought they should thank Wei Guang. Ning Zhi's mother, Luo Ying embraced her, and Ning Zhi told people to toast Luo Ying. Luo Ying told Ning Zhi that the palace was the place that killed him for no reason, and blamed him for bringing his coworkers into it.

Ning Zhi promised Luo Ying that he would return safely. Luo Ying gave the clothes he made for Ning Zhi, and asked her to be careful. Princess Pang Zhen saw Ning Zhi take her men for a walk around the palace, and thought this was Ning Zhi's last time in her life.

Ning Zhi shared with the Queen's daughter that they prepared a few words for the Queen's birthday. But Princess Mayor thinks the Queen won't like her and whisper something to Ning Zhi. Ning Zhi suspects that the Queen really likes him. The Princess of Peninsula confessed to know the Queen most because she was her daughter, and gave her jewelry to Ning Zhi.

The Queen told Ning Zhi that their good days will come if they get the Queen's help. Wei Guang heard the man tell Luo Ying that the Princess of the Crown taught Ning Zhi to say congratulations directly. He decided to go back to the palace, and tell his husband that life was important.

Ning Zhi congratulated me that she was not human. Prince Guangding, Pang Yu shouted at Ning Zhi and asked who was not human, and he explained that his grandmother was the Antarctic Seno. He added that his descendants were thieves.

The Princess of the United asked the guards to arrest Ning Zhi, and think Ning Zhi means the Emperor is a thief. The Queen wants to see him, but the Princess thinks the Queen should avoid him. So the Queen asked Guangding Prince and the Elder Princess to check it out.

The servant gets delicious food for Ning Zhi, and asks him to speak that the Queen is cooking it. The man reported to the Emperor that he found jewelry in Ning Zhi's room. The Emperor admits that the jewelry belongs to the Queen.

Lang Kun gave the Queen a list of the Princess's servants, and they wanted to congratulate the Queen. The Queen complains that men betrayed her when she fell, and claims that she remembers their names. Lang Kun reminded the Queen that the key was Ning Zhi.

Ning Zhi was thinking about how to protect the man in the theater, but the guards broke in and surprised him. Ning Zhi disappeared when he saw Wei Guang, but he reminded him to kneel to the Queen. The Queen asked Ning Zhi if she wanted to save her friends. Ning Zhi said yes.

The Queen told Ning Zhi that she would protect him if she told the truth. Lang Kun reported that General Zhen wanted to find the Queen's palace, and the Queen told Lang Kun to stop General Zhen. The Queen swore to keep Phoenix theater alive.

Ning Zhi confessed that congratulations were taught by the Princess of the Crown, and the Queen brought Ning Zhi to see the Emperor. But when they step out, General Zheng wants to catch Ning Zhi. But the Queen held Ning Zhi's hand and took her away. The Emperor asked the Queen why she brought Ning Zhi to her palace.

The Queen explained that she got some interesting things, and told Ning Zhi to confess to the Emperor. Ning Zhi confessed that Bodhisattva taught him congratulations, and shared that he got a sign from the temple. The Mayor's daughter offered to cancel the Queen's position when she took the perpetrator.

But Wei Guang thinks the queen will be happy to hear her congratulations, and offer to die with Ning Zhi if she fails. Princess Mermaid and Prince Guangding persuade the Queen not to attend the birthday party, but the Queen wants to see who lives.

The Queen fears the Queen will be angry, but the Queen thinks no one will insult her. Ning Zhi told Wei Guang that they don't want to train because they're fish and meat under a knife. He told him that he involved him, and he swore to keep his life before his head was cut off.

But he told him to look around and think his head wasn't enough. Ning Zhi wondered if they could surprise the Queen, and Wei Guang told Ning Zhi the thing that touched the Queen was her heart. He shares that victory depends on the courage to survive.

The Princess of the United told Prince Guangding to kill Ning Zhi if the Queen was unhappy.