what is instagram's brand content advertising? anagram corporation

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-30

There are a lot of people who have experienced experience with inagram who are interested in the interests and interests of celebrities and instagram users .

This time, I introduce a tie up post (brand content) with a company of the creators to the delivery from the setting method of "brand contents advertisement" that the company in the cooperation relation can use for the advertisement delivery.

Brand content advertising

It is an advertisement that the company can use the creator's actual contribution by collaborating with creators and publishers such as celebrities and infaners (media companies and organizations).

There is the following delivery of the brand content advertisement to the advertiser.

Usually, even if the stop of an advertisement is stopped even if it is the introduction of the favorite favorite favorite, it stops in the eye and becomes interested. Moreover, it is a large Merritt that the contribution from the account followers is delivered in instagram which is not easy to share with other SNS.

Brand content ad ad format

When a company uses a brand content advertisement to deliver the contribution of the creator, the following two points are expressed.

In the case of delivery of brand content advertisement, it appears as the "advertisement" under the account name of the creator, and it appears as the tie up with "(the company name)" at the beginning of the caption column so that the user understands the cooperation relationship between the creator and the business.

The title of "tie up with the company" is introduced for the purpose of improving the transparency of the partnership between business and creators, and it is similar in the case of the organic tie up posting.

Inaugam enhances the transparency of business and creators' collaborative relationships with Facebook Newsroom

Brand content advertising delivery method

When distributing brand content advertisements, the delivery is set by both instagram accounts. When distributing to instagram's distribution on Facebook ads, advertisers are able to deliver an account to instagram's account if they have a Facebook page, but an instagram account is required to deliver a brand content advertisement.

In addition, since it is not possible to set it in the web instagram now, it sets it from the Sumata version of instagram.

Each setting is summarized below.

Creators set

The setting made by advertisers

Click on the "Post Post" from the existing Facebook post manager for your Facebook account manager.

The content of the creator is displayed.

Once you select a post you want to use, click next to make it available as an advertisement.

The purpose of advertising available

The purpose of advertising available for brand content advertising is as follows.

In addition, the advertisement delivery is possible only for the "conversion" purpose when advertisements of the contribution in the creator side.

Introduction: type, feature and selection of the purpose of advertising in Facebook advertising

Distributable placement and advertising formats

Brand content ads don't support Facebook's distribution and can only be advertised as instagram's feed ads or story ads.

In addition, please note that only the contribution using still picture and animation is available, and it does not correspond to carousel format. * carousel has also become available since November


Nowadays, one-sided advertisements and advertising from companies are unlikely to be accepted by consumers. There is an increase in the behavior of purchasing goods through instagram, and the importance of the opportunity to convey the charm of the product through the creator of inagram's brand content advertisement and YouTuber, etc.will be more and more important.