why is the essence of short video user thinking?

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-30

In the past 2019, the changing economic environment, as well as all kinds of new phenomena and changes emerging in the industry, are pushing home marketing to face a new turning point. No matter the trend of the industry growth slowing down gradually, or the transformation dilemma under the fierce competition, all of these make the household brands start to reexamine the way and value of marketing combined with short video.

In terms of short video marketing, the marketing effect of this year's double 11 top talents is amazing. We all know a little about all kinds of figures. But in fact, this year, the double 11 period also had a very interesting phenomenon, that is, tiktok's short video live broadcast grass, the effect is also surprisingly good. It was once a year tiktok of the business, and it was unexpectedly a touchstone for the commercialization of the jitter.

Besides, more brands also found that jitter has different marketing value in tiktok brand growth. On November 27, the great engine 2019 future space conference was held in Guangzhou. Tu Qing, general manager of the national direct sale company of the great engine, shared the topic "opportunity pregnancy under the tuyere".

Tu Qing, general manager of CNEEC

The distance between grass and tiktok is not long.

First, we'll look at a group of tiktok related data of 11.

This year tiktok tiktok was held through the "shake in good things Festival". With the release and encouragement of resources, the content of the grass #11 #11 11. The total volume of 10 billion + topics was collected. The amount of users who share the video related products was 50 million +. The live broadcast of the commercial platform was 500 thousand times, and the number of live broadcast times was over 2 billion times. The project directly promoted the whole number of tiktok shopping vehicles to rise, compared with 618 new users who have increased by 100%, and successfully broke through 2 million users.

The victory of tiktok 11 is essentially two factors. The first tiktok is the advantage of traffic and content. The second is the tiktok standing in the development trend of content marketing.

Tiktok: what's the difference between 1. short video marketing with jitter?

It is obvious that when you open an e-commerce page, you will see products or various product promotion advertisements. Therefore, the essence of e-commerce is to focus on products and obtain transformation through flow introduction.

We've all heard a lot of jargon in the industry, such as content is king, experience is king, etc. in fact, it's all from the perspective of users, so this is definitely an era of "user is king". The business model centered on users must be a model with more commercial value.

2. what trend is tiktok standing on?

Tiktok, what is the draught? The whole content e-commerce has gone through three times.

1.0 era is the era of TV shopping, telephone connecting goods; 2.0 era is the era of long video shopping, e-commerce platform diversion; 3.0 era is the era we are in today, the fragmented media behavior in the fragmented time, consumers understand products and brands through the fragmented short video, and the content and products are highly integrated, and the content and e-commerce platform are highly integrated.

The development trend of the whole content e-commerce is accompanied by the change of consumer media behavior.

Through the two points of "user centered value" and "content business", it is clear that the distance between the shaking and the grass growing is very close tiktok, and it is also very powerful in terms of user volume, brand contact, content carrier richness, algorithm recommendation, and so on, making it an accelerator of "effect".

Tiktok is even more valuable: brand marketing.

Although the effect is good, you can't drink too much. In addition to carrying goods growth, brand growth should also become a "cold thinking" for enterprises after the double 11. The short-term effect of carrying goods with traffic can not support the long-term and healthy development of an enterprise. Countless brands are born in traffic and die of brand. How to really do a good job in brand marketing is a problem worth pondering.

Then, let's see the 11 tiktok Festival, and whether it has provided the value of growth for the brand besides the effect?

First of all, there are many kinds of positioning for brand growth, including thinking about famous, cognitive, trust, reputation, loyal brands, interpreting from the perspective of cognitive, interest, purchase and other consumption paths, as well as HbG theory (brand growth = penetration × think × buy), but it should be clear that all the process of brand growth takes place in consumers' further understanding of products In the process of playing cards.

What do consumers know about brands today, just advertising and PR? Of course not. The answer is to pass the massive content. In the massive content, consumers are obviously more keen on the content of short video. At the same time, its unique content integrates storytelling, expressiveness, communication and accuracy, all of which make short video a dual engine of new retail and brand growth.

First, look at the trend of short video users. According to the data released by the huge engine, in June 2019, the total monthly use time of users in short video products was 65.4% of the top 10 segment industry, with the year-on-year increase, and the pan entertainment and leisure time of users was also shifting to short video. On the whole, the monthly active users of short video have reached 821 million, of which the penetration rate of active users is as high as 72%, and the monthly average usage is often 22.3 hours. Tiktok is undoubtedly unexpected winner in the short video market. In 2019, the number of domestic users has exceeded 320 million.

Secondly, there is a process of mutual experience between brands and consumers, and the content characteristics of short videos endow brands with more concrete and vivid "story telling" ability. This kind of communication content can not only attract consumers' attention, but also provide deeper emotional interaction and communication, help brands establish complete experience and brand personality;

Thirdly, in the sense organs of consumers, the visual sense organs are often the most intuitive and efficient. The sensory impact provided by short video is the most powerful expressive force at present. No matter in emotion or grass content, short video is a form of content that can provide more efficient transformation;

Finally, short video exists in the natural social soil. Whether through KOL or motivating the self-propagation of ordinary users, it can quickly help products and brands to accumulate popularity and public praise, and truly break the boundary between content and media to advertising, so that content is advertising, content is channel.

To sum up, short video content is actually a content carrier to help the brand establish the trinity of personality, content and channel, to give full play to the user thinking centered marketing mode for the brand, and to cooperate with accurate artificial intelligence and algorithm technology, it can help the brand in the huge flow price depression, to double increase the brand and carrying goods, and to launch the "huge" in the real sense of the household industry Quantity engine ".

Can short video also empower the home industry?

For the empowerment of traditional FMCG, the content value of short video is obvious, so for the household industry, can short video also be empowered?

Obviously, the visible signs of consumption are that more and more consumers choose to plant grass through short video scenes to obtain overall home solutions and related product purchase suggestions, and more and more home consumption forms a fast consumption decision from online viewing content to one click order.

Let's look at a group of data to see the trend of home brands. This year, 46 brands in the household industry of double 11 entered the billion yuan club, with more than 430 brands growing by more than 100%. There are 3300 new brands participating in the double 11 for the first time. Small furniture opened a sinking market, with a year-on-year growth of 40%. This is closely related to the short video grass planting in the household industry in recent years.

How to boost the high-quality growth of home furnishing industry through huge engine?

On the day of the conference, Tu Qing launched a series of measures for the marketing of the household industry.

First, tiktok will launch the V-life super brand Pavilion, focusing on the two major national applications of jitter and today's headlines, to help brands achieve the advantage of dual powerful traffic entrance, help brands achieve cross platform penetration between graphic content and short video content, help brands to precipitate larger user assets, release more content values and achieve direct transactions.

Meanwhile, the huge engine will also continuously promote the construction of online and offline IP content, such as inCity shaking off the line, and DOU's big day and shaking tiktok Festival online, with a view to produce long-lasting fans value, forming strong traffic productivity, and opening up to the brand new position V-life super brand hall, helping brands to achieve rapid product quality growth.

Finally, Tu Qing released the digital marketing trend report "new growth of links, new marketing path" to provide more growth momentum for the majority of household enterprises. The report puts forward a new digital marketing model of home furnishing industry in the new consumption era, which is consumer centered and divided into three parts: heart, action and resonance. At the same time, the report points out the necessity of short video marketing. Brands can achieve efficient access to information, full link marketing through short video platform, and guide consumers to make decisions. In addition, the short video platform is also becoming an important channel for brand building and image enriching and industry influence building.

In the home furnishing industry, huge engine provides more cutting-edge marketing services for home brand owners by building product efficiency closed-loop, creating content ecology, enabling with data, building a new marketing mode of home furnishing industry with the industry, and strengthening team services. In the future, huge engine will join hands with more household brands to gain insight into the general trend of economic development, explore the innovative mode of household, and comprehensively help household brands overtake in the corner.

Extended reading: about the future space conference

The future space conference is a grand activity held at a fixed time every year by a huge number of engines for home brand owners and designers. In the future, the conference will continue to focus on the influence of home furnishing circles, help enterprises to build home furnishing content marketing education, share and create short video creation practical skills, content operation and other curriculum systems, provide more content marketing experience for home furnishing brands, and make every effort to boost the product efficiency of home furnishing industry.