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Posted by millikan at 2020-03-30


On dynamic tracking technology

This paper was originally written in early May 2016, and has been greatly updated and revised since mid February 2020, and will continue to be updated in the future.


Alipay face recognition has been "cracked". Is our money unsafe?

According to the judgment of the intermediate people's Court of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, since July 2018, Zhang x hired Yao XX to register Alipay account with its personal identity information, and used the software to make the citizen's head photo into a citizen's 3D head, which was certified by Alipay's face recognition.


On Valentine's day, they are in love with Microsoft Xiaobing

On January 22, Microsoft Xiaobing team announced to launch the small-scale public test of avatar framework in batches. The first batch of small-scale public beta aims at emotional companionship, and the products are limited to female lovers. In the test phase, the life limit of each virtual human is 168 hours. After the test, these virtual humans


[think no programming open class] webpack performance optimization code segmentation

Think or not programming to create a new open class series, invite the great God level lecturer to share the technical dry goods, come and watch the live broadcast ~ theme webpack performance optimization - Code segmentation content introduction: detailed explanation of webpack's various postures of code segmentation, multi entry code segmentation, synchronous code segmentation, asynchronous code segmentation, Splitch


Uncover another plot! Peninsula apt "take advantage of the danger of the situation" to launch an attack on China's trade related government agencies! Cunning!

[guide] on January 14, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 7 system will stop updating. This time, the service was stopped and the whole network crisis was triggered. Not only did the "double star" leak, the first compound 0day leak in the world, burst out, exposing more than 60% of users in China under its haze; more people with different intentions "pursued by taking advantage of the situation" launched by using "double star"


System service construction - key points of state code design

Code status code is a common concept in interface design. This paper mainly discusses code design in interface development. From the point of view of client and server development, this paper gives some practical suggestions and thoughts.


Dry goods: Graphic Algorithm -- Dynamic Planning Series

Xiaohao: Yixin science and technology center is a city lion. It loves algorithm, learning, and programming code. It's more like to simply explain the problem in an easy way. I hope that my favorite friends can pay more attention to it!


The most dangerous domain name in history is sold for millions of dollars, or affects hundreds of thousands of enterprise information systems around the world!

As an early domain name investor, Mike O'Connor bought,,,, and before 1994. Now, O'Connor, 70, is trying to simplify his fortune


25 arrays you have to know advanced usage of reduce

Author: JowayYoung warehouse: Github, CodePen blog: nuggets, think, know, book, headline, CSDN public number: IQ front end contact me: after paying attention to the official account, my WeChat yo special statement: original is not easy, official account is not authorized to reprint or plagiarize this article, otherwise, according to infringement, such as...


Hacker rank 2020 developers report that go language is the new language that developers want to learn the most, and the market demand for full stack developers is the highest

Recently, hacker rank released the 2020 developer Skills report. According to the data, this is the largest survey ever conducted by more than 116000 software developers from 162 countries around the world.


Enter the live room and ask you to have a class

Pay attention to the little sister of programming, the course is constantly updating... Open class think about programming, create a new open class series, invite the great God level lecturer to share the dry technical goods, come and watch the live broadcast~ A kind of Webback performance optimization - Code segmentation content introduction: detailed explanation of webback to do code segmentation of various postures Instructor: s


What's the significance of Xiaomi ov's founding of the global developer services alliance?

Xiaomi, Huawei, oppo and vivo are working together to create a platform for developers outside China to upload their applications to the four mobile phone manufacturers' app stores at the same time, Reuters reported.


Re: a journey of react reconstruction from scratch

React is the most popular front-end framework at present. Many readers use react very well, but if they want to learn the principle of react deeply, they will be confused by the vast code in the official source code warehouse. Today, we discard boundary processing, performance optimization, security, etc. by not relying on any third-party libraries


Covering index and return table of MySQL

The leaf node of the clustering index of InnoDB stores row records (in fact, it is a page structure, a page contains multiple rows of data). InnoDB must have at least one clustering index. This shows that using clustered index queries will be fast, because you can navigate directly to row records.


GitHub Chinese trend first! "2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia" project has been awarded 4.9K star standard!

Novel coronavirus pneumonia GitHub has been the top of the Chinese trend list in the past two days. As of now, it has gained nearly 5K Star, 600+ Fork.


This interface debugging tool of IntelliJ idea is so easy to use!

If you can not explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough


Review the week of telecommuting

Today is the last working day of "telecommuting week". In the past five days, I don't know what work everyone is busy with, whether it's going well or not, and what's the status? In recent days, the live broadcast group of Alibaba Group Feitian university is very busy, and managers of various business departments have made a series of extremely wonderful


Old device update IOS slow down, Apple was fined nearly 200 million!

As early as 2017, Apple was found to have degraded the peak performance of some iPhones without the consent of users. The affected products are mainly the iPhone 6 / 7 / SE with aging battery and system version IOS 10.2.1 / 11.2.


Data model analysis tells you that this is not the time to go out!

After a few days of "closed management", many people have been unable to sit at home, thinking that while there are not many people outside and there are no confirmed cases nearby, it should be no problem to go out for a while and stroll around.


Python best practice

When I was doing code review, I found that many engineers like the experience of substituting Python into other languages. They write like Java, too casually, tediously, and don't know how to write Python more effectively. In essence, python has coding specifications, efficient writing, and engineering best practices. It's just...