rfid based intelligent warehouse management system

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-30

As usual, the warehouse management system( However, the current wmss has an obvious weakness in terminal data collection, because it does not include automatic real-time search function. Radio frequency identification( Because RFID technology meets two basic requirements) [efficiency and cost-effectiveness], with the advantages of small size, high permeability, readability and various forms, Reusable and relatively low cost.

For practicality and working ability, the label is placed in the tray and entered into each shelf. Results the most suitable place to install RFID device was determined. The forklift mast has also been modified to accommodate RFID readers and antennas. The forklift reader is connected to the selected vehicle terminal, which can connect to WMS through wireless network. It is proposed to establish an RFID based intermediate station to facilitate the transmission and processing of remote RFID readers, portable RFID terminals and WMS systems.

The portable RFID terminal used in RFID iwms has the function of a general portable RFID scanner, and supports reading and writing RFID tags. In this design, cargo information is limited by RFID tags on pallets. By reading and writing RFID tags, warehouse workers can avoid manual writing. Forklift is a major tool used in warehouse tasks, Including cargo handling, grounding and operation. Its working characteristics directly affect the overall efficiency of the warehouse. Although support devices such as barcode readers are widely used, drivers must leave their forklifts, scan barcodes and enter data. Further processing WMS system by hand. Without real-time consolidation, data can also be inconsistent, because information and products are actually separate. These faults can be avoided in the car loader with UFF RFID reader.

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