advanced penetration testing services

Posted by fierce at 2020-03-31

The service form will adopt three stages of pre attack, attack and post attack of international standards:

The pre attack stage mainly refers to the process of information collection and vulnerability scanning;

The attack process is mainly to use the vulnerability such as vulnerability or weak password found in the first stage to invade;

Post attack refers to the subsequent work such as the promotion of authority, the installation of back door and the removal of traces after obtaining certain authority of the target.

At the same time, it combines advanced methods such as social engineering and password library to carry out attack test

[why do we need advanced penetration testing services? ]

Advanced penetration test will discover your system's security risks before hackers, deploy security defense measures in advance, ensure that every link of the system can withstand the challenge of hackers in the future, and further consolidate customers' trust in the enterprise and platform. The following situations and scenarios are very suitable for the selection of advanced penetration testing services:

Enterprises and websites are worried about the leakage of confidential information and user information;

The new system platform developed by users needs to be online;

In the process of development, the system needs to be tested locally;

There are transaction logic problems in business system (such as financial system).

Through advanced penetration test, enterprise users can understand whether there are hidden vulnerabilities and security risks in the system from the perspective of attack. In particular, the penetration test conducted before the security project can get a deep perceptual understanding of the security of the information system, which helps to further improve the security construction system; after the penetration test, it can also help users better verify whether the network after security protection really achieves the expected security objectives, follows the relevant security policies, and conforms to the security cooperation Requirements of regulations.

[what are the advantages compared to ordinary test services? ]

Ordinary test services and vulnerability scanning tools can only find conventional vulnerabilities, but for the deep-seated vulnerabilities and business logic vulnerabilities of the system, the general scanner cannot detect them. Therefore, it is necessary to select advanced penetration test services to conduct deeper and more comprehensive security checks on the business system.

The advanced penetration testing service we provide is composed of top security experts who have worked in the security industry for more than 15 years. They have strong technical strength in vulnerability research and mining. They have good professional ethics and strictly follow the professional testing process. They have provided penetration testing services for hundreds of enterprises to help enterprise customers detect up to tens of thousands of system vulnerabilities and security risks. By providing professional service reports and reliable repair programs, they have prevented enterprise customers from suffering and avoided huge losses caused by security risks.

[advanced penetration test service process]