askul yoshioka new president, "if you commit independence, fight against yahoo", what happens to you?

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August 26, 2019

If there's anything wrong with ASKUL, I will fight if I don't have Iwata. " Mr. Iwata iwataki founded the annual shareholder general meeting held on August 2 by the vote of opposition to Yahoo and / or plus the resignation of the large shareholder, and it withdrew from the president of ASKUL that grew up to the large enterprise of the 4000yen yen of the annual quotient.

The new president Yoshioka continues to dispute with Yahoo

In addition, the possibility of the reopening of the right to waive the sale of the ASKUL stock owned by Yahoo when it meets the constant condition put in the capital tie up agreement with Yahoo in 12 years that had been able to consider it before the general meeting of stockholders in the end of the general meeting of stockholders is also "abandonment" "

Moreover, it is urgent to establish the governance system to protect the interests of minority shareholders, because it is not damaged by the independence of the listed company with the substantial control shareholder (Yahoo), and it is urgent to supervise the business execution from the standstill position and the domination of dominant shareholders in the listed subsidiary company It is thought that the selection of an independent executive director who is "the basis of the corporate governance" (President Yoshioka) exists in order to control it.

"The unprecedented situation that there is no one or more independent directors in the company (as a listed company) is a very regrettable situation," Yoshioka said, and held a temporary meeting of shareholders and wanted to proceed with the appointment procedures of new independent directors, and decided to determine the direction of management Members of the ASKUL side are Yoshioka Yoshida and Kimura.

As for the Yahoo side, the position of the independent executive director who joined it is very heavy, and the direction of the management of the future of ASKUL is large when the person of whom the intention of the two sides is elected because it is an antagonistic state of three to three antagonism with Ozawa, koshimizu, and Yahoo In order to assure the fairness and transparency of the selection process of independent directors, it was decided that the contents of the discussion in the board of directors were announced, and the distrust of the large shareholders was seen.

The ASKUL side is Yoshioka Yoshida and Kimura. On the Yahoo side, Mr. imizumi, who is in sync with Ozawa, koshimizu, and Yahoo (the image is captured from the HP of the editors and added)

On the other hand, we would like to find the best solution by discussing what kind of partnership would be best without having to make a quick decision to make a request to sell immediately, and to make the best solution (Yoshioka president). As a result, the idea that the cooperation with the Yahoo can be continued by the customer side and the settlement side, etc. is also shown.

Yahoo (Reuters) - Japan's press release on July In addition to starting to include the possibility of the cancellation, the following meetings were made to make the largest cooperation with the independent directors to ensure that ASKUL would be elected to ensure the interests of the general shareholder. After the general meeting, comments were made to pay attention to the security of independence that the ASKUL side worried about The manifestation of intention to be seen in the beginning is also shown.

Press releases announced by Yahoo on July

Do the tough relationship between ASKUL and Yahoo repair or go bankrupt? In any case, there is no doubt that it is a move that will affect the power market relationship.

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