experience of cardiac surgery (transposition of the great artery with imperforation)

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-31

As far as taking warfarin, the measurement and management of PT-INR will last around. Because there is always the anxiety of the hemorrhage if the inspection period (= ambulatory) in the hospital is 1 or 3 months from the patient, and there is no mechanism to be able to receive inspection easily if it wants to be able to be measured.

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At the pharmacy of the pharmacy of the dispensing pharmacy in Okinawa, the pharmacy of the pharmacy of the dispensing pharmacy of the pharmacy in Tokyo, sukoku pharmacy uses the simple type blood coagulation quick analysis device "coaguleur" in the pharmacy, and starts the approach to the drug taking instruction.

I think it is a great effort. My blood sugar was high when I was in hospital, and I was punctured from my nurse every day with a simple measuring instrument. I have been thinking about what I can do with this test method. I do not like the inspection of the blood taken by injection needle every time.

And if you go to the hospital to measure PT-INR, you will take the cost and time. If such a burden is reduced, I think that the management level of the patient is improved. I hope that you will spread throughout Japan.