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The yoyoji Kai yo reads it as' Anju Ji. ' The origin of the word 'Yoo' is said to be based on the word 'eiyo,' or 'saiyo' (there are various theories), and there is also a literature that says' kuyo 'was held in the Edo period. Among them, anyoji hakuyo is said to be from the earliest 800 years in the prefecture, and the adult Association Yang and the child Association Yang are also held.

It seems to have begun by giving a cow ball to the danners of the temple, and it seems to become the current "hashidate Festival" in which the tree wrapped with a cow ball is taken away and it takes away. The reason for this is to prevent injury. The fence is also installed for the visitor, and it is possible to see the hashidate festival that is safe. As a traditional event, it is a festival that attracts people who are loved and loved locally.

* this article has been reedited in 2019. January 28, 2020

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, I visited "anyoji hatadashi Matsuri" in mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture, on Saturday, February 19, 2019. At the time of 7 p.m., the drum was struck in the town, and the place to purify the body was held at Yoshino Gawa river nearby.

In order to purify oneself before this event to pray for the health of the mind and the health of the family, it enters the river steadily! Bourbon!

After cleansing in the river, at the night, the interception of the tree began by the participants, and when the tree was dropped, the lighting was dropped, and at the time of 21 o'clock, subjugation was dropped and the main tree was dropped on the crowd in the dark.

It seems that the real tree is dropped from the top of the picture. This book is seven pieces of beef tamagushi made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress), 14 pieces around it, and 21 pieces of the last round, and it is thrown and it catches. It is believed that it is possible to spend it for a year without a disease calmly if it receives it.

There is a sharp atmosphere that cannot be felt at saiyo of saidai Ji Temple because the meeting place and the visit place are close.

Around 21 o'clock, the first drum and the second drum (subwoofer dropping) begin.

It is rather quiet and dark in old days.

The atmosphere changed suddenly! There are two main trees, and there are two main trees, and the tree which is taken out at the first time is "on (male)", and the thing brought in later seems to be "men (bitch)". Because it is in the mountain, there is a stone stall, so there is a stone stall, and it is not possible to chase after a certain place.

Before dropping! It is wrapped in darkness, and the salt of purification is swung down, and the book is dropped!

The smell has been drifting since it entered the precinct, and the tree is incense with the incense.

There is a tree in the center of the ring, angry voice, anger, and shout! My heart is shaken. Hey! Hello!

If you are going to be in a strange move, you'll be surrounded by the shooting site. Oh!

If I participate, I feel like this! If I was in this place, I already have to go ahead, I can't choose to escape and escape! I have only to move forward, my body will do, I can't move and pain! Pain! If you look back, man...

It is already instinct, and the difference is different, and if it is said that it is not a true tree, it captures doubtful movement. Not defeated! Once tightened, tighten!

There are power full marks, bloodshed, and fracture, and the mobilization team waits sometimes, and it is intrusive! In addition, the anger has become curious.

How long has passed? There were people who were swinging up until the last minute. Because it is a little thin body, I thought that it was probably the future meeting sun sarabad. I thought that it was practice practice practice surely because there was a child Association Yang in various places in Okayama. Tradition and history are different!

That sharp temper and angry voice seemed to be quietly natural. Thank you very much. The person who was injured is important.

When the sharpness disappeared, and the gentle man raised the cypress wound around the tree, it was the happiness of happiness. Impression!

Thank you for all the people in the area prepared for festival festival.

Because you are serious. I like to go out to the festival.

I enjoy the festival cheerfully this year. Thank you.

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I want to go to the festival.