typical cases of network crimes in the "net 2019" special action of guangdong public security

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Since this year, the network security department of the public security organ of Guangdong Province, in accordance with the unified deployment of the "net 2019" special action of the Ministry of public security, has made every effort to crack down on the illegal and criminal activities involving the network, and comprehensively strengthened the law enforcement of network security. By the end of September, the province had handled more than 12560 cases of various illegal crimes, such as violation of the network security law, and imposed administrative penalties on a number of units and individuals who violated laws, regulations and rules related to network security.

It's illegal to conduct network scanning and technical detection at will

——The case of an illegal invasion of another's computer system in Jiangsu Province


On May 21, 2019, Jieyang network police found that Su Mou, the criminal suspect, was suspected of illegally intruding into the computer system. After in-depth investigation, it is found that Su, the criminal suspect, scanned the website with "yux" software on May 13, 2019, and then tested the background of the website of a traditional Chinese medicine hospital with a weak password and successfully logged in. The administrator's account password was modified without authorization, and the vulnerability of the website was submitted to the "vulnerability box" website at the same time. According to his own account, his illegal behavior is only to obtain the corresponding points, which is conducive to his future job search. According to Article 63 of the network security law of the people's Republic of China, Jieyang police imposed a five-day administrative detention on the suspect Su, whose actions constitute interference with other people's normal network functions and illegal intrusion into other people's computer systems.

Once network technology is used in crimes, social harm will multiply. Whether it's out of curiosity, purely for the purpose of displaying technology or for the purpose of making profits, the behavior implemented in the Internet world should also bear legal responsibility. Every citizen should regulate the Internet behavior according to law and abide by the Internet morality.

Is there a security loophole in basic telecom operators? Punishment!

——China XX Communication Group Guangdong Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Branch failed to deal with system loopholes in time


China mobile phone mobile phone network in December 28, 2018, Shenzhen police net in Shenzhen "guard network 2018" network attack and defense exercise, found that the Chinese XX Communications Group Guangdong branch Shenzhen branch WeChat official account "Shenzhen XX business hall" corresponding background system has 1 SQL high-risk system vulnerabilities, which can lead to a large number of members information, broadband ordering information, mobile phone package information, mobile phone charging information leakage. On January 17, 2019, Shenzhen cyber police again organized police forces to carry out cyber security inspection on the company, and found that the company has not yet dealt with the existing system vulnerabilities. In accordance with the provisions of article 138, paragraph 1, of the regulations on the procedures for handling administrative cases by public security organs, Article 21, paragraph 2, Article 25, and Article 59, paragraph 1, of the network security law of the people's Republic of China, Shenzhen police decided to impose an administrative warning on the Shenzhen Branch of China XX Communication Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. and order it to make corrections within five days.

The basic telecommunication network is the infrastructure of social communication. Once there are high-risk hidden dangers that have not been rectified in time, they will be attacked by illegal elements, which will inevitably bring serious impact on social public security and the interests of the masses. Therefore, the basic telecom operators must establish a correct network security concept, study network security laws and regulations in depth, implement the responsibility and obligation of maintaining network security according to law, strengthen internal security management and improve the level of security protection.

Serious punishment for illegal and harmful information due to lax auditing

——Guangzhou shiqidao Technology Trade Co., Ltd

Failure to examine and verify the case of information released on the Internet according to law


In February 2019, after receiving a report from the public that someone had released information about prostitution through the social software "x companion" app, Guangzhou police carried out on-site inspection on its operating company Guangzhou shiqidao Technology Trading Co., Ltd. and found that the app was actually "transformed" from the "sleeping X" app, which was punished and removed in November 2018. The app was originally a wechat House Sharing app. In order to avoid supervision and other reasons, it changed its name and software form for many times and became the "x companion" app. Through on-site inspection, it is found that there are more than 22 pieces of information released without real name certification on the background of "X companion" APP, including more than 100 pieces of information with illegal content. In response to the illegal acts of Guangzhou shiqidao Technology Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou police, in accordance with Article 61 of the network security law, imposed an administrative penalty of 100000 yuan on the company, 10000 yuan on Xue Xie, the legal representative, and ordered the company to make corrections within a time limit. After being punished, the company took the initiative to take off the "x companion" app.

The new Internet application makes the information spread faster and wider. The developers and operators should strictly implement the requirements of network security laws and regulations, and bear the main responsibility of network security. In this case, after the administrative penalty was imposed on the company's products in the early stage, the administrative violator still failed to implement the requirements of relevant network security laws and regulations for rectification. Instead, by changing the product name, the violator evaded the responsibility of the user's real name registration and information audit subject, resulting in a large number of illegal information spread on the Internet, thus receiving more severe punishment.

Network platform should discover and stop transmission in time

And eliminate information prohibited by laws and regulations

——Laws and regulations of Shenzhen jam times Technology Co., Ltd

The case that the transmission of information prohibited from being published has not been stopped and eliminated


On May 30, 2019, Shenzhen cyber police investigated the case of Shenzhen jam time Technology Co., Ltd. operating two live broadcast platforms overseas since July 2017 in the name of "Baide new technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (legal representative Cui). It is found that the company has been operating more than ten live platforms at home and abroad since August 2016. At the same time, it has registered Baide New Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and operated overseas live platforms through the company. However, all the staff of the company are located in Shenzhen jam times Technology Co., Ltd. The investigation found that there are a large number of yellow related information and pictures in the background of the company, and its behavior has constituted an illegal act that the information prohibited to be published or transmitted by laws and administrative regulations has not been stopped transmission, and measures such as elimination have been taken. In accordance with Article 69 of the Internet Security Law of the people's Republic of China, Shenzhen police decided to impose an administrative penalty of 50000 yuan on Shenzhen jam time Technology Co., Ltd. and 10000 yuan on the directly responsible executives.

With the development of streaming media technology, the network live broadcasting platform ushers in the outbreak period. The network live broadcasting provides users with a variety of new entertainment, friendship and other services. At the same time, some platforms challenge the bottom line of social morality and law, pollute the network environment, and poison the social atmosphere in order to attract attention. For such behavior, the public security organ will maintain the situation of high pressure and severe attack, strictly control the prominent problems such as the yellow and vulgar issues involved in the online live broadcasting platform, and maintain the health and order of the online live broadcasting platform.

Mobile app shall collect information in accordance with laws and regulations

——Shenzhen Zhongwei Century Technology Co., Ltd

Failure to fulfill the obligation of personal information protection


On May 22, 2019, Shenzhen cyber police found that the mobile application of "nxxip" developed by Shenzhen Zhongwei century science and Technology Co., Ltd. to view the video monitoring obtained the user's address book information of the application without indicating the purpose, method and scope of collecting and using the information, and there was an act of collecting personal information of citizens beyond the scope, suspected of violating the network of the people's Republic of China Article 22, paragraph 3, articles 41 to 43 and Article 64 of the safety law. In accordance with the law, Zhongwei Century Technology Co., Ltd. shall be given an administrative penalty of ordering correction and warning.

When collecting and using personal information, APP operators shall strictly perform their responsibilities and obligations under the network security law of the people's Republic of China, shall not collect personal information unrelated to the services they provide, shall not collect and use personal information in violation of the provisions of laws and administrative regulations and the agreements of both parties, and shall handle their security in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations and the agreements with users Personal information saved.

Punishment should also be given if the prevention and control of illegal and harmful information is not effective

——Shenzhen Yixin Technology Co., Ltd

Failure to implement safety technical protection measures


On April 20, 2019, Shenzhen cyber police investigated the high incidence of illegal information in Shenzhen e-Xin Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of Internet data center, and found that the company failed to implement the measures of real name registration, log retention, illegal information prevention and grade protection in accordance with the laws and regulations, resulting in two websites hosted in the relevant computer room being hacked and implanted into the gaming page (divided into There are 61 and 237 other pages that have been edited. In accordance with the provisions of Article 25 and Article 59 of the network security law of the people's Republic of China, Shenzhen police decided to impose an administrative penalty of warning on Shenzhen e-trust Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to further crack down on illegal crimes and rectify all kinds of network chaos, the public security organ implements the system of "one case and two investigations", that is, at the same time of investigating the cases of network illegal crimes, it simultaneously starts the supervision and inspection on the performance of the legal network security obligations of the network service providers involved in the cases.

On the crime of network security practitioners

——Practitioners of a safety company in Guangzhou

Case of illegal invasion of computer information system


In May 2019, Guangzhou police cracked a case of illegal cyber attack and infringement of citizens' personal information. The criminal suspect is suspected of a variety of network hacker crimes, including providing programs and tools for illegally invading and controlling other people's computer information system, illegally invading other people's computer information system, illegally obtaining the data of computer information system and illegally trading citizens' personal information. It is reported that the main suspects in this case are practitioners of a security company, with strong network attack and defense technology, and using convenient resources in work to engage in criminal activities of cyber Mafia, causing a very bad social impact. The amount involved in this case amounted to 2 million yuan, and tens of millions of citizens' information were illegally obtained.

Network security practitioners not only have professional technology, but also master a large number of basic network, system and data information of the supported service industries and units. Once they enter the network black industry, they will bring serious risks to network security. The institutions where the practitioners work and the served units must attach great importance to strengthening the education guidance and daily supervision of the employees.

Punishment according to failure to fulfill the obligation of network protection

——A case of a company in Guangzhou failing to take measures to protect the security technology of international networking


In June 2019, a member points test system of a company in Guangzhou was illegally intruded by hackers, and the homepage of the website was tampered with and posted illegal and harmful information, causing a bad impact. It is found that the information system under attack is a test system built by the company before 2015, which has been in the state of unmanned maintenance for many years, but the system is still online accessible through the Internet, and there are many high-risk vulnerabilities such as weak password, remote command execution, etc., leading to hackers' invasion and tampering. At the same time, the unit has not yet implemented the technical measures to retain the network log in accordance with the law. In response to the company's failure to perform the obligation of network security protection, Guangzhou public security organ imposed administrative punishment on it according to law and ordered it to make corrections within a time limit.

Network operators must strictly implement the main responsibility of network security, regularly maintain the network and information system they operate, timely discover and deal with security risks such as Trojan virus loopholes, implement technical measures such as anti tampering and anti-virus, timely shut down the long-term unattended information system, and strictly prevent all kinds of network security events.

Zero tolerance -- SMS fraud of pseudo base station

——Fraud case of fake base station SMS of 10086


Since the end of 2018, there have been frequent fraud cases of the same type of "SMS pretending to be 10086 customer service" in Guangzhou. Through mass sending of false content SMS, the criminal suspect mistakenly sent 10086 official SMS to the victim, and opened the phishing website contained in the SMS content, so as to intercept the victim's ID number, name, bank card number, bank card verification code and other important information, and then further passed Bank card consumption transfer and other acts to defraud the victim's money. In January 2019, Guangzhou police arrested 25 suspects, successfully "whole chain" destroyed the criminal gang who pretended to be "10086" SMS of China Mobile to commit fraud, and restrained the further expansion of the scope of influence of the crime.

At present, criminals often commit fraud by setting up fake websites, sending stolen links, passing off relevant staff, etc. Internet users must guard against network fraud and do not easily believe the "pie in the sky" news such as winning prizes and preferential policies. Keep in mind the website address of the official website, carefully check the URL of the opened domain name, and do not click to enter the unknown link, especially carefully click the domain name which is obviously composed of disorderly numbers and letters.

Security measures must be implemented in public WiFi places

——Hyatt Hotel, haimou, Guangzhou

Failure to implement network security technical management measures


Guangzhou police found that in the process of providing Internet Internet access service (WiFi), a Yue hotel in haimou, Guangzhou, although it installed the security management system of Internet public Internet service place, it stopped the technical measures of Internet security protection without authorization, resulting in the security management system not running normally. According to the provisions of Article 14 (1) of the provisions on technical measures for Internet security protection, Guangzhou police imposed an administrative penalty of warning on the Department and ordered it to make corrections within a time limit.

Relevant laws and regulations stipulate that Internet providers and Internet users who provide free Internet services to unspecified majority of people shall implement relevant technical measures for network security protection, install and operate the security management system of Internet public Internet service places, and effectively guarantee the network security of users and businesses.

Correspondent Zeng Weisheng, Huang Guilin

Editor Wang Xiaoyun