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Posted by tetley at 2020-04-01

PS: Recently, I helped my brother to build an enterprise exhibition station. Because I am a PHP maker, it's easy to write a website of this kind. But I'm usually busy with my work, and my own page design ability is not good, and I want to make it better and more perfect. So we simply choose to use open source programs. Just like the title, I would like to introduce this very good open source enterprise website building system to you today. I think it's very good!

First of all, let's have a general understanding of this system:

PhpOK is a very practical and simple system! PhpOK can meet most of the primary enterprise website users. It has integrated common and practical modules of enterprise websites: company profile, product display, contact us, online message, etc., and integrated customized module functions according to actual needs to meet different needs of different industries.

Main features:

Multilingual: This is a real multilingual system! You can add any other language.

Multi style: easy to promote and promote.

Custom module: with the use of custom fields, reduce module development, meet different needs of different industries!

Custom field: implemented field types include: text, drop-down menu, radio selection, check, picture, video, download, single graph, linkage.

Static page: PhpOK has realized the function of static page (no less than 20100927 version), you need to be able to generate static page manually.

Pseudo static page: it is highly recommended for Linux host users to use this function. The official use of PhpOK is the pseudo static page function.

Administrator: assign various permissions as needed to maintain the website more effectively.

A variety of image specifications: different pages call different specifications of images.

Here are some background pictures that I intercepted. You can go to the official website to have a look at the pictures on the front page. I won't introduce too much here!

The background page is clear and easy to operate!

Windows desktop window design, more humanized management!

As PhpOK introduces, PhpOK is not only a simple enterprise website system, but also a personal website, small commodity station and personal blog system, all of which are fully competent for PhpOK. It can be said that "sparrow is small and dirty"!