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Posted by tzul at 2020-04-01


Writing GitHub is not because I know it, but because I don't know it.

In my book git authority guide [1], only three pages are involved in GitHub, which obviously cannot answer readers' many questions about GitHub. I remember that just when the "git authority guide" was finished, Yang Fuchuan, editor of Huazhang company, mechanical industry press, encouraged me to write a book about GitHub, and I used many reasons to refuse. The headline reason is that I'm really tired. At the beginning of each chapter, it seems to be sitting in the middle school Chinese exam room to write a composition. It's too late to write a composition. Writing another book will undoubtedly repeat this painful experience. The second reason is that I prefer programming to writing documents, especially GitHub, which involves a lot of screenshots and image processing. The third reason for the total surrender of editors is that GitHub is a foreign website, maybe once the book is published, [this sentence has been deleted by the original author].

Let me finally decide to start. It's from some experiences that President Jiang of CSDN told me after visiting GitHub headquarters in the United States. I became interested in GitHub's successful operation, so I began to study GitHub's blog, and found that GitHub is an interesting thing that a group of interesting people are doing. For example, if we only regard GitHub as a git server, it's really outrageous. GitHub has been and will continue to be successful. If we can use this book to show GitHub as fully as possible, it's a good thing to let every git user use GitHub.

This book will be written and published in the way of GitHub [2]. Anyone can see this book (including the source code), and can participate in the writing and correction of this book in the way of GitHub. Online publishing is a new experience for me and Yang Fuchuan. Thanks to git, I had two different publishing experiences in one year.

– Jiang Xin, December 2011