free education related content comes to minecraft marquette place!

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-01

The world is in a difficult time now. I often hear expressions such as "thick contact", "home work" and "self-help request". People around the world are striving to develop their own vaccines, deliver food, supplies and go out as much as possible. Our daily life is completely threatened. It is easy to panic in such a time, but if there is anything that can be taken in this way, I can keep more calm.

Educators around the world are trying to provide digital lessons for hundreds of millions of students who are absent from school due to covid-19. This is by no means easy, and we want to lend our power to young students as much as possible.

When you visit minecraft Marquette place, you can confirm that a new "education" category is added. Here are some popular lessons from minecraft: Education Edition. These worlds made for educational purposes can be played with children, parents, and friends, of course. You can also visit the international space station while you are at home and explore the human eyeball. In addition, there are ten different worlds, including the themes of renewable energy, marine biology, and the history of Greece. These worlds include writing activities, building challenges, and using puzzles. Educational content is provided in English.

All of these worlds are released today and can be downloaded for free until June 30, 2020.

If you have a platform corresponding to the minecraft bedrock version, you can start minecraft and access the game store to get the above world. Minecraft bedrock edition is available on Android, IOS, kindle fire, windows 10pc, gear VR, occulus rift, fire TV, Xbox one, windows Mr, Nintendo switch, and Playstation 4.

Please spend the first time safely. Let's overcome this difficult situation together.