omar abdullah and farooq abdullah allowed to meet party leaders after 2 months into detention

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-01

Updated: Thu, 06 Oct 2019 03:17 PM (IST)

A new woman. Pharaoh Abdullah and his son were sentenced to death for two months. Permission has been granted to meet the party's leaders. This decision has been decided after the Jammu Kashmir government has become normal in loss. Let's go to the five-August Sumhur, the central government, which would give a special kingdom, 370 and 35a. Several leaders of Jamu-Kashmir, along with these separatist leaders, were banned. The news was published by Eni on Saturday in National Congress. The prophet was written by the air of the Madman Temple - a representative Sunday morning at the head of the throne It's gonna work.

She said, "The nobles were permitted to meet the nobles after the king's request." The king, who testified to the event, said, "There will be 15 judges in the assembly of Pharaoh, Abdullah and his wife, The two leaders were overthrown in ruin on the first day of the night of August. The central government was dedicated to the muslims. The state-rating system ended on August 370 on 5, despite other states of Kashmir. to work, in which the chief of the Peoples Democratic Party was involved in the Jammu and Kasmir Polish Conference Cheerman Zajad Lon.

This was a tragedy that, after the end of paragraph 370, the people of Kesari could be sent down to the streets to fight the Kashmir. They told him that Pharaoh Abdullah was detained in their homes in the city, when his son was near Abdullah. every habitat in the West House was destroyed.

Pharaoh, the governor of the kingdom of Zalmun (Khmer) said: "The situation is only common to the people of the land, because they are in despair." was taken. The results of these relationships are clear. If you look at the examples of the east, So the cashier has always been killed after any of this, but this time it hasn't happened because they were taken out.

Posted By: Shashank Shekhar Bajpai