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Tolstoy wrote the novel in 1945. The historical development depicts the life of Russian Czar Peter, from childhood to the first victory in the war with Sweden, to the Baltic Sea. Tolstoy died after writing in calligraphy.

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Peter I is the czar of Russia and a great reformer who will change the history of Russia forever.

Other characters

Alexander minshkov (Aleksander) was a comrade in arms of the Czar, a faithful friend who later became a duke.

Alexei brovkin is Alexei's best friend.

Franz LeFort is a general, a friend and mentor of young Peter.

Princess Sophia alexeevna, Peter's sister, dreams of power.

Vassily Golitsyn was the prince, Sophia's lover, her assistant in intrigues and riots.

Anna Mons - German woman, Peter's lover.

Eudokia lopshen, Peter's lawful wife, gave him her son.

Summary of contents


Chapters 1 to 3

At the end of the 17th century, after the death of Russian czar feodore aleksievich, the struggle for power began. At the instigation of King Sophia and his lover, Prince Vassily Golitsyn, archers launched a riot. "The roar of Sagittarius. They killed Boya, and then peaceful life came back. So in Moscow, there are two young kings, Ivan aleksievich and Peter aleksievich, led by Sophia.

Meanwhile, in the village, alexia grew up at brovkin's house. On one occasion, his father took him to Moscow, but aleshka lost his harness there, afraid of punishment, and ran away. He met his peer, Alexei menchikov, and he began to live on his own. My friends are starving, but they have a good time: "some people are fishing, songbirds", "some people are stealing berries and vegetables from the garden." Once, during fishing, Alexei minshkov met a little boy who was wearing a green Russian coat. This is young Peter, alexeika with a thread from the cheek into the needle to show him a wise trick. Peter likes this interesting game very much, he "runs to the palace, must teach boara needle."

Peter likes playing very much, and "he can stay up day and night, no matter what he plays, it's noisy, happy and funny." He summoned a dark army, a real service to the court. Peter often went to Sloboda, Germany, where he maintained a friendship with Captain Franz leffert, who was Alexei menchikov at that time.

Peter fell in love with a charming Anhan, the daughter of Mons, a wealthy German wine merchant. Peter met Alexei on the day of the naming of left. He made friends with him, called him to himself and appointed a bed. The child proved himself a flexible and faithful servant. He did not forget his friend alexeka brovkin, who asked the king to appoint the drummer of that ridiculous army.

In order to pay attention to petrush, his mother was a muddleheaded man -- married Evdokia lopsina.

Fourth to 7 chapters

A new Sagittarius uprising was organized in favor of Sofia, but Peter and his family managed to hide behind the walls of Trinity Abbey. When the rebellion was brought to an end, the head of strinitz was subjected to terrible torture and executed. Prince Golitsyn and his family were sent to eternal exile, while "Sophia, without much noise, was transferred from the Kremlin to the new girls' monastery at night.

Because of his loyalty to Peter, "raffle became a great man. He helped Peter in many ways and gave him valuable advice he needed very much. At a reception, the young king saw Anna Mons again and confessed his love to her. This is a pregnant Evdokia who decided to tell a damn separation. Soon Peter had Alexei Petrovic as his successor.

After he got Arkhangelsk, he was interested in shipbuilding. He was ashamed of his country's backwardness in front of foreigners, so he couldn't guess "how to push people away and dig their eyes". He began to carry out reforms, which were carried out too fast and too rigid by the Tsar.

Peter chose the best 50 nobles in Moscow and sent them to Europe to "learn mathematics, build cities, build ships and other sciences". Before long, the king went to Germany, Holland and England in person. He admired the European way of life and dreamed of rebuilding it in Russia.

Sophia used the chance of no czar to incite the shooter to mutiny again. However, he was promptly suppressed, and after Peter returned to Moscow, torture and execution began. The end of Byzantium's Russia gave way to a new era.


Chapter 1-2

Queen Evdokia Feodorovna was sent to "suzdahl, monastery, always in tears," and her seat was held by Anna Mons. Franz LeFort died, but his condition did not disappear. A new ship was built in Voronezh, and soon Peter had an imposing fleet. The king sent ships to Crimea, and then to the Bosporus, a surprisingly powerful Turk.

Due to the poor living conditions, a regular army was formed "many people came voluntarily". Peter put forward a new calendar, according to which the calendar starts from the birth of Christ, "And to mark a good beginning and a new century, celebrate each other's new year."

Chapter 3-5

Peter made peace with the Turks and sent troops to Sweden in 1700. The young Swedish king Karl XII easily defeated Russian troops near nalova. He had intended to go to Moscow, but the generals advised him not to. Peace with Karl is impossible.

Peter put all his strength into conquering the Neva River. After a long battle, a fortress called schleiserberg was captured. Peter finds out about Anna Mons' betrayal and takes her from himself. The faithful Menshikov soon found a heart to replace the king - a girl who captured Katerina and was destined to be the queen of Katerina I.

A fortress with six basses was built on the Neva River.

Third volume

First to 6 chapters

Swedish ships headed for the Narva estuary. Peter put all his strength there, and the Russians "surrounded the horseshoe pillars and rushed up and down the river." The citizens suffered a great deal from the unwillingness of general Goren, who defended the fortress, to surrender it. According to menchikov's suggestion, the Tsar used military means. Four regiments put on Swedish dresses and painted their guns in the color of the Swedish flag. The drill was successful, and Narva was captured in the battle of mashka. Peter appointed the faithful menchikov governor and gave him an hour to stop the bloodshed and robbery. His recalcitrant miner said he would take him to prison. "Go through the city and see the sad thing in his hand."


The work describes the life of Peter I, the formation of his personality as a wise and firm ruler of a great country. He has gone through many severe tests, and he is dealing with them in an admirable way.

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