stephen hawking: scientists who have changed our understanding of the universe

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Stephen Hawking, a British physicist theorist, has become one of the most respected and famous scientists of his time, despite serious neurological diseases. He died in his own home at the age of 76.

A man with a good sense of humor, he became a science popularizer, and has been trying to ensure that the public has access to his works.

His book "a brief history of time, published in 1988, became a world bestseller.

Hawking is part of a popular TV program, and his digital voice is the work of a famous musician in his works.

Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford on January 8, 1942. His father, a professional biologist, left London with his wife to escape the German bombing.

Growing up in London and St Albans, Hawking graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor's degree in physics and moved to Cambridge to study cosmology.

When he was a teenager, Hawking was keen on horseback riding and boating, but while studying at Cambridge University, he was diagnosed with lateral heterosexual sclerosis, This led to almost complete paralysis.

In 1964, when Hawking was to sign his first wife, Jane, doctors said he had two or three years to live.

However, the disease has progressed more slowly than expected. A couple had three children. In 1988, Hawking completed a "short history" of a book, a cosmological guide, because tracheotomy can only communicate through speech synthesizers.

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The book has sold more than 10 million copies in more than 20 years, although Hawking knows it is one of the most popular books he has never read.


Hawking's description of the radiation process of the black hole's basic particles is called Hawking radiation. "

A legendary scientist is known for his unique ability to show scientific decisions without calculations or experiments.

But maybe this is his whole theory, which means that the universe is developed by a well-defined law and has attracted the greatest attention.

Hawking also appeared in his roles in the BBC comedy series "red dwarfs" and "Star Trek: the next generation.".

Rock band Pink Floyd uses his synthetic voice from the 1994 album keep talking creative department.

Despite his illness, Hawking continued to be a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University and published his second book, the nutshell world, in 2001.

get over an illness

He believes that his illness has its own advantages. Scientists admit that before the disease developed, he felt tired from life.

However, his predicament made him dependent on others. Hawking often praised his wife for taking care of him for more than 20 years, which really shocked his friends and family. When he divorced, he married a nurse in 1995.

Hawking has been a regular patient at addenbrook hospital in Cambridge since 2000, receiving a variety of injury treatments. Police questioned a number of people who believed that the scientist had been subjected to verbal and physical abuse for many years.

He is known for his eccentric, almost headless way of driving a wheelchair and claims that his injuries were not caused by violence. No litigation has been brought.

In 2014, Stephen Hawking of the universe, based on evidence from Jane's first wife, a scientist. Hawking himself met with Eddie redmain when he was ready to play it.

On the discovery channel show, Hawking believes that there should be a reasonable life somewhere in the universe, and warns that aliens may deprive the earth of all its resources and then leave.

Once, he wrote, he experienced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis almost throughout his adult life, which did not stop him from building a good family and succeeding at work.

This proves that no one should lose hope, "he said.