participants in the saharin budget hearing agreed on the government's action. 09.11.2016。 edward lutz. sahak news. south

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19: 209 November 2016.

Today's public hearing on the 2017-2019 budget draft at the cinema attracted a lot of people - far more than expected to work all day. Joke fox says: hold hearing is to come by governor samsakhalin oneself!

Before the entrance, each visitor receives a brochure: draft recommendations for public hearings, which need to be approved)(

After an hour's examination, almost all the people who are willing to communicate with each other have stopped: there is no vacancy in the seat, and it is impossible to sit down. Little by little, there are only a few people who are already in their seats. When a woman acted as a doorman, it was said that there were one or two empty chairs, and Jonah put in two random lucky ones.

A fairly large group of young people gathered together, suitable for the subclass of students. It seems that the state government is worried that the governor of Zhongtian will have to speak in front of the spare hall to try to ensure that all possible resources emerge, Suddenly, there are too many resources.

"All the reporters have come in," she replied confidently. "Please wait here, you will come in with the concentrator."

A woman's grief:

But the hearing has already begun, and agbernator has not. Obviously, instead of using the central gate, he went through the back door. The press had to wave their travel papers with their press cards.

By the way, for those who stayed outside, there was a TV broadcast in the cinema hall. This is live and state TV.

The hearing went well. We will also tell them in more detail until we notice that the number of problems is limited in advance: we have a department head and refuse to accept five problems. Although some crafty people ask some questions. The restrictive measures were right: nonetheless, the hearing lasted more than two hours.

These issues are different - the posture of the authorities clearly raises some sharp questions.

However, at the end of the efforts of the organizers of the chamber, the integrity of the chamber was fully confirmed when a vote on the draft resolution was needed.

Who is coming? Asked the governor, Oleg koremiako, as Izzy raised his hand.

No one seemed to raise his hand in answer to the question of who was against it.

"Kindergarten" and some colleagues reporters quietly commented.

As a result, participants in the public hearings recommended that the State Duma adopt a new budget law and that state and local governments - continue to work in this direction.

-I would like to announce 2017 as the budget year for the development of leading public sprays. We were among the first to do so. "