it is time to introduce predatory tax now: the co-countryside party

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-02

Published 28th November 2019

I dare say that reindeer meat i s the only activity in Sweden that is affected by all other land users at the same time. It is forestry, wind power, mines, hydropower, tourism and infrastructure. All these land users are exploiting, reducing and fragmenting our clean-up areas. The reindeer's lowlands and heels are disappearing at an increasing rate. Added to climate change, the situation looks even more difficult

The consequences of the exploitation of reindeer meat are numerous and have both an economic and psychosocial character.

Taken together, the exploitation and its effects reduce the potential for the development of reindeer and Sami culture. But there is also a factor that is not as easy to apply as logging when you look at the threats to reindeer meat. And it's the predators.

It's eagle, it's bear, it's iron and it's lo, and the wolf. The wolf is the worst, we know that in reindeer meat. And the wolf is spreading more and more throughout the whole of Sapphire. The wolf issue is even so topical that even the opposition came to life in plenary this spring and directed a mistrust towards the current board. Although it is late, I welcome the new insights of the opposition.

Because even Swedes know that the wolf is the worst, why was it eradicated once in a while? Because it does not work to carry out activities including animals, wildlife and wolves, as the Swedish Parliament has also recognised.

So the question is, who is punished when predators are given the opportunity to ravage our herds? I think it's the kids. There are young people who literally get their futures, their futures and their herds eaten by predators.

This makes me so angry at all decision-makers who do not take their responsibilities in the exercise of their authority. The Nature Conservation Agency and the County Board do not even seem able or competent to fix the tolerance tool. And the county board in the North Sea is dealing with the predator issue in a way that is not even legally secure and is forcing coyotes to court.

Completely incompetent authorities, how difficult can it be, I wonder?

But there is a solution! Swedish governments have made several tax cuts, including reindeer meat, but, at the same time, reindeer meat has already been taxed in the form of feeding the Swedish predator stock. If there is any justice on this planet, a special'predator tax'should be introduced, which would mean that everyone could contribute money. for predatory feed.

Then, if nothing else, public opinion would come to life, when it actually has economic consequences for all taxpayers in Sweden and not just for reindeer farmers.

If the issue of predators cannot be dealt with by the Sametinget, then surely we must encourage cohabitations and individual Sams to sue to bring the Swedish state to justice on the issue of predators. And make sure that the Court of First Instance bears any costs for the proceedings.

Somewhere we need to set an objective, and it may be that we need to create a regional and national management organisation that guarantees the fairness, transparency, cultural sensitivity, inclusion and listening to our opinions.

It is Saddam Hussein's proposal, because it is our duty to deal with predatory issues, it is our condemned duty to protect everything that reindeer and reindeer need. These are predators, reduced pastures and animal suffering from a non-Sami population who seem to understand no better than to hunt the reindeer in full view with a lorry

This is the position of SAMID. So my final question to you in this House is: are you in favour of this?

Anja scalpel-walkeapa

Member of the Council of the European Communities