the correct use of secwiki's official website, weekly newspaper and official account.

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-02

Recently, due to the rapid growth of the number of people concerned, many friends still do not know how to use the official account and official website of SecWiki. So good, and even if the updated learning tools are not used well, it's really a pity, so write this tweet as a guide to help you learn more efficiently.

Use of secwiki weekly report

The use of WeChat official account

Use of secwiki official website

SecWiki's official account, official account, knowledge column, Freebuf column, and micro-blog's weekly report push forward the update of interconnections. Considering that you may not have the habit of visiting the official website regularly, and may not know which day of the SecWiki weekly is updated every week, the WeChat public weekly press release will be immediately sent to you when it is updated. This information includes the key words of this week's newspaper, the title of each article, and the click through rate of these articles for your reference. Of course, in fact, the most important thing is the end of wechat weekly. Click the "read the original" button, and you can instantly visit our weekly related pages, jump directly to our official website, and read more article information. You can also reply to the key words in the WeChat official account "SecWiki" directly and return the relevant links.

Considering that the technical personnel who pay attention to our wechat or the security enthusiasts have different focuses, wechat essay push covers many aspects, including introduction tools, introduction methods and postures. You can read according to the key words of wechat articles and your own focuses. In addition, it is convenient for some people who want to understand the relevant knowledge across disciplines Unexpectedly, knowledge determines the scope of attack.

In addition, all users who care about the official account of WeChat SecWiki can reply to any keyword you want to search, and the official account will return the relevant technical links for you to read directly.

In fact, more essence is covered in our official website. Our official website has been maintained for five years. It almost precipitates, accumulates and covers the knowledge of various safety related industries. If you use it well, it will be very helpful for your actual combat and daily learning. Our official website is divided into several sections, namely "homepage", "news", "technology", "skills", "special topic", "book", "member", "aggregation" and "contribution". You can read and inquire about the contents of related sections according to your own preferences. What's more, our search engine. If you are a security enthusiast, or a security practitioner, you must be familiar with search engines. Our official website, search some related knowledge can also be searched with related keywords. For example, if you want to find the information about sqlmap, you only need to input sqlmap in the search box, and all the information about sqlmap will appear. If you want to find the knowledge point of "injection", you only need to input "injection", and all the information about injection will appear, and all you have to think about is how to construct a good keyword. Finally, we will update our official website. Every day, our official website will have instant updates from secwiki officials, all of which are manual updates. You can visit our official website once a day, and we guarantee that fresh content will be added every day, so that you can play happily.

Good tools need good usage. This push is not only to introduce the usage of secwiki's official website and wechat push, but also to hope that no one who has a set of suitable learning methods can find their own learning methods with the help of our guide. This article is not only applicable to secwiki's official website and wechat push, but also to you by analogy Other sharing organizations of concern. I also hope that the friends who have found their own learning methods can use this article to improve their own methods, and I hope that your learning journey will be more efficient.