introduction to cms in china

Posted by barello at 2020-04-03

1、 CMS program of ASP class

1. mobile easy CMS

Features: completely free, access database, main function modules: Article channel, download channel, picture channel, message channel, collection management

General modules of the system: user management, channel management, advertisement management, announcement management, template management, website information configuration, WAP function, RSS function

Ability, website statistics, mailing list, database management, short message, charging module, file upload, friendship link, survey management, operation

Logging, thumbnail and watermark, information aggregation, language pack, online HTML editor module

Evaluation: This is a very powerful system in domestic aspcms, from a simple article system of 3.0 to the current sitefactory CMS

Version, along the way, mobile is constantly improving, but also constantly strengthening functions, including personal version, school version, government version, enterprise version, background package

Including functions, information release, category management, authority control, information collection, and procedures with third parties, such as forums, shopping malls (2005's

Blog can be perfectly combined to basically meet the requirements of a large and medium-sized website, but the limitations of ASP and access

, and the limitation of its own function DLL, which makes the free version almost a chicken ribs

2. wind CMS

Features: the system includes the whole process of information collection, sorting, classification, review, release and management, with perfect information management and release management

Management function is an ideal tool for content management and maintenance of enterprise websites, internal websites and various ICP websites. New version of fosuncms is now available

This is the first domestic leading CMS station building system integrating Web2.0 elements, modularization and open source. The member system applies Web2.0 elements,

To meet the needs of the emerging popular station building function in the domestic enterprise mainstream market, the template supports CSS + div free design, which is convenient for customers

The construction of jiejie is in line with the characteristics of its own products. The new version of foosuncms function system is modularized, and various functions can be customized by users

By combination, users with special needs can customize products or develop third-party function modules. Adopt the customer group of the system, such as enterprise

Industries, portals, government departments, etc. can easily submit information to be published at any time without mastering complex technology

Evaluation: the system of Fengxun has powerful functions and high degree of freedom. It is one of the systems with high popularity. You can make one according to your own ideas

Web page to build a self style website, update fast, there have been new versions, now open collection, download, submission

, picture whole station management system, third-party integration and other functions, open source is its biggest feature, hope to maintain. Then the disadvantage is that the background is not humanized

A little bit, it's a little difficult to start, and there's not even a default template, because the degree of freedom is too high, which makes it more difficult for some novices to start, and

It is not efficient to generate static release of free version. 3.1 I have been out for a while, and I hope all aspects will go up to a higher level.

3. new cloud CMS

Features: this system is a set of open source web site management system, which is developed by using the mature and stable technology ASP + Access / SQL in the network

Through it, you can easily manage your own website. Multi channel management, unlimited channel cloning, support channel secondary domain name binding

Yes, the content of the article will be paginated automatically; the HTML page will be generated in the whole station; the system security will be increased, and the HTML file extension and storage directory will be generated freely

, content auto pagination. User management, multi-user management sub authority release, management software information; user SMS, collection function, member online charging

Value, online payment of online banking; download module, support the download of counting members and monthly subscription members, reverse point and other functions, unlimited add download server, under

Load point setting, adding software only needs to fill in the software name; powerful template background, flexible and free template label generation, JS automatic generation

To make your site layout change freely; powerful article and software collection function, you can choose whether to download pictures to the local while collecting articles

And paging collection; other modules, message, friendship connection self-service application, upload watermark, content keyword function.

Comment: a rising star of ASP CMS, found that many websites are in use. By article, download, mall, message, user management 5

The big function module is composed of advertisement, announcement, connection, statistics, collection, template management, database management and other general modules, and its functions are correct

There are some praiseworthy places, but they are DLLs. The free version has many limitations, but for a simple and basic website, functions

It's enough.

4. Joe guest CMS

Features: qiaoke 1.2 beautified company website (full version), including company homepage, product display, message system, company introduction, company

News and contact us 5 columns. It also includes the company announcement and website survey functions. The website is fully beautified, with complete functions, suitable for companies and small enterprises.

Evaluation: this system has been a long time, but it seems to have been living between mobile and news. Now, the 3.0 joekoe CMS has come out, but

In addition, I am disappointed. Compared with the free version of 1.2, the function is enhanced, but also DLL, which may be a feature of the domestic program. it

It is already a highly integrated system, including shopping mall, news, download, forum, message, film and television, blog circle, etc

Point to the taste of Web2.0, don't want to modify the friends directly to use.

5. NB article system

Features: 1. Perfect combination of ASP + MSSQL. This system is different from the so-called MSSQL version on the market. It only uses the database form of

Access is converted to MSSQL, which stores procedures and triggers in a large number of programs, so as to maximize the massive number of MSSQL

According to the processing capacity. 2. Give you real page execution speed experience. We promise that we will never use the data sub table that some systems do

The so-called program acceleration method of clearing database makes full use of the efficient data processing ability of MSSQL, even in the total data of 1 million records, single

In the case of 500000 columns, the average paging time is only 30ms. 3. Original text paging function. This system can be used in a single article

In case of intelligent pagination, special characters such as line breaking can be found intelligently to divide, so as not to affect the fluency of reading articles. 4. Unique

Column permission restriction and powerful user management function can make it very easy for you to manage the columns and contents of articles that users can read, so that you can

It's not just the article system or the news system. (only available to enterprise users) 5. Unique user contribution and personal collection function,

Evaluation: the latest is V3.00 beta2, which is easy to start with, simple in the background, good in security performance and high in release efficiency. Of course

Think of the same type, RSS is good. It also writes the template to the database, but the modification is quite convenient. But it's less functional

Some, and the official technical support for a forum, the popularity of the forum is a little bit poor. Now it seems that the forum has been sealed, with only one simple page

Face and several download links

6. Creative content management system (CMS)

Features: 1. New template structure 2. XML language pack 3. XML cache channel list 4. Ajax technology 5. NEW

Add website home page timing generation 6, enhance cache management 7, add server scheme function 8, add the whole module content call 9, general management

There are no authorized navigation hiding 10 in the background, new cloud network, money paid, Alipay online payment 11, new WAP function 12, new custom frequency.

Channel 13, enhance database query security filtering 14, add [cl_loop] tag 15, add [cl_if] tag 16, add [cl_rs]

Tag 17, new [cl_request] tag 18, new administrator search 19, enhanced website comment 20, enhanced guestbook 21, increased high

Level search, can search the whole website and the whole module 22, optimized the system kernel, faster processing speed

Evaluation: it should be a late one. Now the latest version is v4.1, with some new technologies and methods applied. The latest one can be downloaded free of charge

However, due to the structure of ASP and access, it can be competent for personal or small websites. For larger websites or high security websites

I think I can choose another CMS


Features: jtbc website content management system is a set of open-source, free website system core that can expand and clone existing modules,

The technical mode of language / code / program separation is adopted, the concept of module installation file is included, and template package and language package are used comprehensively

The structure is convenient for users to modify. Every corner of the website content can be managed in the background. It is a set of very suitable system

The program core of building a station or carrying out secondary development.

Evaluation: it is an open source, free CMS system, and has ASP and PHP versions. This is a good point, and you can choose when you download it

Choosing different style of background template adds a lot of personalized elements to users, and users can carry out secondary development to make it more consistent with

Own needs

8. Taote news management system (CMS)

Features: 1. Category management (support unlimited classification, add, modify, delete, easy to operate); 2. News management (add, modify, delete

, search, when adding news, you can customize keywords for search engine optimization, and provide batch processing of news management (deletion, review, recommendation, etc.)

。 ); 3. Template management (online addition, modification and deletion of news page template); 4. Label management (this function is the core of the system! All

When a column generates a static page, the label content will be used instead of the label in the column template; 5. Publish the site (generate all channels, columns and networks)

Static files on the front page of the station)

Evaluation: it has ASP, JSP and other CMS systems, but its official website only provides the corresponding version of aspcms program, and the rest are commercial versions

We can only find out whether it is easy to use from its downloadable CMS, but there should be nothing special in personal feeling, because its main nature is business

Industry. You can download one to use


Features: a small, efficient and user-friendly content management system based on Web technology to generate HTML is the biggest feature of the whole system

Chapter and forum can be generated, which greatly reduces the pressure on the server. Tags based on XML namespace style are easy to call and sample to call

Free and easy

Evaluation: KingCMS is a small, efficient and user-friendly CMS system. Generating html is the biggest feature of the whole system. Articles and forums

All of them can be generated, greatly reducing the pressure on the server. Tags based on XML namespace style are easy to call, and the call style is free from

For example, in terms of the concept of website, it may be similar to tsys, but in many aspects, it may be better than tsys. It is a very suitable one for

HTML code and the concept of the site have been more clear to users.

10. science news CMS

Features: the website management system developed by Kexun network based on ASP + Access / MSSQL technology is a perfect design after years of experience accumulation

, a safe, stable, fast, powerful, efficient, easy-to-use, flexible, excellent and scalable network for various server environments

Station construction solutions. The user-friendly windows operation mode is adopted for development, with fast operation speed and less server resource occupation; no matter in stability

, load capacity, security and other aspects have a reliable guarantee and won the good praise of the majority of users.

Evaluation: Kexun is a new website system with powerful functions. At present, the functions of mainstream websites can be realized in the system

Powerful tag (JS) management function, personalized tag (JS) parameter configuration function, making a personalized big station is no longer a dream. Website opening as a whole

Source, with article module, picture module, download module, animation module, music module, member module, collection module and so on, the function is very poor

Wrong. However, the overall concept of its website can not be separated from the influence of easy news. However, due to the many useful functions of Kexun, this CMS is also wrong

Often worthy of attention.

11. flying CMS

Features: feitec CMS has attracted many small and medium-sized websites with its "easy to start, quick to build, powerful functions and personalized settings"

The customer, has been recognized, relying on years of understanding of the website system, has accumulated a bad and useful, user-friendly website setting scheme

Evaluation: it is very suitable for the use of small and medium-sized websites, skin social security and many other aspects are very humanized and only, more suitable for the primary site

Users can choose other CMS systems for those who have experience in building stations and understand relevant languages

Speaking of this, I have basically introduced the CMS system of ASP class available for download on the Internet. If you know that there are other countries of ASP class

Internal CMS can be sent up, let's talk! OK, next I'll introduce the domestic PHP CMS program

2、 CMS of PHP class

1. Dedecms (dream weaving content management system)

Features: it is a fully open-source CMS system in China, which can be developed independently. The latest V5 version has some new improvements and functions

The latest version of the template has applied the mode of div + CSS to make the web page more standard

Evaluation: This is a set of systems with clear love and hate. First of all, it is an open source system in China. When it was 2. X, its features had been added to its fans

Crazy for it, very flexible customization, powerful functions, simple operation, but the bottleneck of 2. X: big data processing, by 3.0

It will be solved, but the ticket skipping of 3.0 has been delayed, and many people are very disappointed. When 3.0 was launched, the original problems seemed to be nothing

Now it has 4.0 and the latest version is dede2007 V5. The original big data processing problem has been solved accordingly

2. ECMs (Empire content management system)

As a result, imperial CMS is also known as the "universal station building tool". It adopts the function of template separation: complete the content and interface

Full separation, flexible label + user-defined label, enabling it to achieve a wide range of website pages and styles; unlimited column classification; front desk

All static: with strong access; strong information collection function; strong advertising management function, etc

, news, download, flash, domain name trading system, etc., including JSP version, all written by one person, and one person completes the post service

Business, customer support, product promotion. He should also take time to water ad every day. Now he should not be alone. ECMs has many functions

, including download, flash, mall, picture, news, classified information, film system, article system, friendship link, advertisement management, etc

Some remote publishing, refresh efficiency, category management, permission subdivision, universal forum interface, information collection, attachment management, etc. are all ECMs features

Other highlights. ECMs used to be out of reach, because it used to be commercial, but now it's on the website

It is open-source. Whether it will last or not, now you can download the latest version on its official website and experience the convenience of ECMs



Official website:

Features: modular development, free installation and uninstallation, program source code and module development documents are provided, function can be expanded and more convenient phpcms 2007 is composed of article, download, picture, classification information, film and television, mall, collection, member, finance, promotion alliance, advertisement

Management, enterprise Yellow Pages, real estate, ask bar, digg and more than 20 functional modules. Users can not only selectively install the required functional modules,

In addition, new functional modules can be developed according to the development documents to meet the personalized needs.

Comment: it seems that it used to be the official of 9466 article. Originally, 9466 did a good job, but suddenly Zend encrypted and inherited 9466

Advantages, hands-on, structure, plug-in interface, independent development of plug-ins, independent production of language packs, independent design of template style, free version

Permanent use, function is OK.


Features support simple, complex and English) functions. Article category, extended category, access statistics, security log and other functions enable you to

Management is more professional. The authority system is mature. You can read and operate the information resources on the website according to the allocation of member groups. Free typesetting. The personalized calling of data can be realized by inserting or modifying labels in the template file. Category extension. Flexible establishment of product items

Recording, downloading resources, multimedia playing and other extension categories. Business functions. Perfect integration of article categories and extended categories, easy to achieve online shopping and

Prevention of intentional attack. Dynamic cache technology. Effectively reduce the server load and make your website run more smoothly. Internal high pressure test. Specially invited

Professional website builder makes the final test before release more perfect

Evaluation: the same encrypted and free version is not used by many people. The system has been developed for a long time, integrating forums, blogs, news, enterprise version, portal version, and free version. It looks like a foreigner's nuke, but it can be downloaded to the relevant installation procedures on the Internet

5. Suiyi total station system (cmsez)

Features: with easy total station system (cmsez) is an enterprise level station building platform system launched by gateway technology, which is dedicated to helping enterprises improve operation efficiency and reduce

It is a highly manageable, low-cost and easy to deploy it station building platform with low cost and expanding business opportunities. Cmsez integrates a wealth of work

Function module, including user management, news release, information release, product display, image management, attachment management, online store, data download

Multimedia browsing / playing, etc. Additionally, for special industries, it provides functional modules such as hotel room reservation, travel route reservation, recruitment information management, information briefing, etc.

Mainly for enterprise users, cmsez integrates a wealth of functional modules

6. Thinking content management system (cmsware)

Features: 1. It has practical website content management function, and can fully customize the planning and management of website content composition and performance style 2. QQ group in forum area supports 3. 280 nodes, 6 content models, 4. External contributions, 5. Unlimited use, 5. Unlimited time, and can be used permanently and free of charge

Evaluation: a very good CMS system, good background operation introduction, some new technologies, such as Ajax Application, WAP

The functions of PSN, customization of nodes and modules, customization of models and database fields, and introduction of Workflow

Nian, more freedom of release, a very powerful template system, really embody the idea of freedom everywhere, let you experience the extraordinary sense of free management

Suffer from.

7. PHP168 content management system

Features: the current full-featured version integrates: articles, blogs, downloads, flash, videos, galleries, stores. In addition, the circle function development is completed in a few days

It will be available for free download

Evaluation: another well-known open source PHP CMS program in China. The current version is v4.0sp2 full function version, which I feel is powerful

, the current version is v4.0sp2 full function version. The current full function version integrates: article, blog, download, flash, video, gallery, store. also

PHP168 4.0 uses the design of separation of platform and function module, which greatly enhances the expansibility of the program. The function template is just like the platform

You can install and uninstall as you wish. This is the biggest feature of PHP168

8. Hongbo content management system

Features: no technical threshold required: simple, easy to use, beautiful and practical

Evaluation: a CMS based on pear + smart technology architecture officially recommended by PHP was launched in 2006, fully in line with the development trend of CMS

Single, easy to use, beautiful. I tested it locally. It's very easy to start. It's especially suitable for inexperienced new people to build websites. At least not complicated

Can frighten. Of course, it also has a variety of complex functions, just to see if you need to use it. Use pear + smart recommended by PHP

Technology is an important feature of the continuous development of CMS. Many functions are directly completed by pear class library. One step installation,

Some templates are attached by default, which is worth recommending. It is worth noting that the official website claims to open source in the future. If so, I am familiar with pear's

PHP programmers are easy to use.

9. Jtbc content management system

Features: jtbc website content management system is a set of open-source, free website system core that can expand and clone existing modules,

The technical mode of language / code / program separation is adopted, the concept of module installation file is included, and template package and language package are used comprehensively

The structure is convenient for users to modify. Every corner of the website content can be managed in the background. It is a set of very suitable system

The program core of building a station or carrying out secondary development.

Evaluation: it is an open source, free CMS system, and has ASP and PHP versions. This is a good point, and you can choose when you download it

Choosing different style of background template adds a lot of personalized elements to users, and users can carry out secondary development to make it more consistent with

Own needs

10. Function host content management system

Features: A. fast: no matter the application of the enterprise itself or the project undertaken by the website production company, the functional host system can be full of high quality

B. convenience: in the future website management, the way of full graph interface facilitates the information in every corner of the website

C. group: a wide range of skin making member communities, competing to reflect your personalization

D. extension: the website is not equal to the introduction of the electronic company, and the enterprise shall

This system takes the Internet as the working platform and multiple uses the tool of WWW to serve its core competitiveness. In addition to providing the network, the functional host system

The function of station construction management also includes a number of online collaborative functions of enterprises.

Evaluation: easy to operate, provide help platform and technical support, can be installed in independent virtual space, or can be installed in local server

Install on. Application environment: PHP / MySQL / Zend optimizer (Zend encryption / acceleration engine) environment support, only on its official network

It seems that you can't download it, you can only search and download it on the Internet.


Features: 1. Use two-level directory to better classify; 2: add picture article, you can call picture article, with both pictures and texts; 3: advertising call, you can directly

Then insert ads in the article list, and other places can add ads by online editing templates; 4: add online editing templates, and it is easy to control the network online

Site layout; 5: generate HTML for articles, with faster access; 6: filter unsafe variables, with higher security; 7: optimize a large number of codes, with enhanced functions, but

Code is less; 8: adopt layer layout, simple template, layout does not change with resolution, and support normal display of multiple browsers; 9: list page

10: more user-friendly background, using a large number of JS without refreshing the client prompt, while the server also judges

Break, ensuring ease of use and safety

Interested friends can go to its official website next to use it.

12. Webmaster PHP

Features: the whole station is based on PHP + MySQL architecture, the program is stable and safe, especially suitable for small and medium-sized individual stations. Program on previous basis

A lot of improvements have been made and essential changes have taken place! Full use of cache, so that all aspects of the program to improve. Template editing simple, as long as the task

HTML foundation can make a very beautiful website

Evaluation: just like the webmaster said, it's easier to build a website for individuals, and the version is not very high, which means the launch time is not long. Interested

Our friends can download and try it out


Features: phpianticle is developed by PHP language, uses quick MySQL database to save data, and publishes articles for small and medium-sized websites,

Store materials, press release to provide a perfect solution

Comment: it's an article management system. It doesn't seem to be available for download on the official website. Friends who want to use it can only search and download online, and others

Compared with CMS, it is not a real CMS because it is an article management system (news system)


Features: xlite is a CMS system developed based on PHP + MySQL technology. It adopts plite framework for development and has a complete MVC structure

The main thing is that it's completely free and open source. With it you can easily build your web site. No scale and atmosphere

Comment: it's a free open source software, but it doesn't seem to be available on the official website. However, it can be searched and downloaded on the Internet, but most of them are version 1.0


3、 class CMS

1. PowerEasy? Sitefactory? CMS? 1.0.rar

Features: mobile sitefactory CMS is a new CMS developed by mobile network technology Co., Ltd. based on ASP. NET2.0. N was adopted.

Layer architecture design, and the introduction of new concepts such as user-defined content model and nodes, so that the system has a high degree of stability, flexibility, scalability

Expansibility and scalability, thus giving users great freedom to build stations, users can easily achieve the functions they want according to their own needs

, without changing the code. In addition, the sitefactory content management system also has a rich and fully open standard that can be personalized and modified

Signature library, multi-source data integration support, authority management based on standard RBAC model design, highly free process management, interactive comment system, etc

Other features

Evaluation: This is the latest CMS released by mobile. Net. It adopts n-layer architecture design and introduces new custom content

The concepts of model and node, such as authority management, highly free process management and interactive comment system based on the standard RBAC model are relatively

Features of the function, compared to the previous ASP structure CMS should be able to use some

2. zhe Fei CMS

Features: 1. technology development, enhanced performance, extraordinary access speed, stronger security; 2. Extraordinary access speed and powerful

3. Full function module

Board architecture, original program and template separation design, unified management of style interface on the basis of maintaining the efficient operation of the program, and

With convenient modification; 4. Flexible and powerful smart tag calling, the original "gradually flying smart tag" can combine more than 20000 kinds of news

Effect. 5. The full function management mode enables you to experience the management pleasure. Based on the function personalization and humanization, the program provides user management

Article management, column management, data processing and updating, operation and other comprehensive management modules with different styles and functions.

Comment: it seems to have been a news publishing system long ago, but now it has been transferred to CMS. Its official website has both free and commercial versions

Shaoxing are free version, so the introduction of its characteristics is also based on the free version. Interested friends can use it