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[Special Collection] the gospel answers the world ④ what is the reason for the systematization of Christian world outlook?

Develop the theological system of Auer and Carver, Christian worldview into a systematic solution with eternal war benefits

Previous articles have shown whether world outlook is important. Now we need to explain the background and content of the systematization of Christian world outlook.

Only when we know the background and reason can we understand its meaning and make use of it effectively. The same is true of law enforcement. Only knowing the background and reason of the law can we effectively implement the purpose of the law and legislation. The Christian world view is the same. It needs to understand the background and reason of systematization, and understand the content, so as to understand its importance.

In the epistemology of GERT, a philosopher who takes the initiative in the understanding of things, the trend of enlightenment philosophy started from Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) and became the peak. Nietzsche's predecessors expressed the distressed problem in the self of the cognitive subject and in the naturalism and historical relativism: "God is dead". The death of God in your body means that the transcendental and transcendental basis for realizing things disappears completely. Only the process of nature and history remains before the subject of cognition. Therefore, the world view of your body is that God is dead, and only nature exists. On the basis of governing history, explain life and build culture. Nietzsche's atheism and naturalistic positivism can only completely conflict with Christianity.

The fact that the atheist world view holds intellectual and cultural dominance cannot be a great threat to the gospel. Worldview is the ideological framework to explain the whole field of life. If the atheistic worldview holds the dominant power, Christianity will never be again. Christian worldview movement began to recognize the overall crisis of people, from the perspective of the Bible to explain life and everything. The new scholars who systematize the Christian world outlook attack the challenge of Secularity (atheism) from all fields of life, fight against the world outlook based on the Bible, and explain the countermeasures with systematization and life system.

The important theologians who developed the Christian world view into a new system of study are the religious reformer John Calvin (1509-1564), the traditional Scottish German Presbyterian teacher James and the Dutch neuroscientist Harbin doctrine neuroscientist The Christian worldview from these people has great influence not only in theology but also in the whole learning in Holland and America through his postscholars. In this way, worldview theology is the greatest theological heritage that all the Christians of the revolutionary theology accompanying the war impart, and it is not overestimated.

First, James orry (1844-1913) was born in a time when western society was rapidly moving towards secularization. The new words of the same year as Nietzsche almost overlap in their periods of activity. This shows the intellectual and cultural environment of the past activities.

The strategy chosen for the overall attack from atheism is Christian worldview. The challenge faced by Christianity is not limited to the specific doctrines of Christianity, but the general attack from the whole world and life. Therefore, the theological subject of Russian is not to defend the specific doctrines of Christianity, but to explain the gospel of Christianity as a general world view.

For the dialectic of the gospel, the Russian language, which chooses the world outlook strategy, carefully examines the generation and feeling of the world outlook. Then, the world view explains the framework of entity and arranges the reasons of systematization into two kinds.

The first is from the desire of human beings who pursue the overall painful understanding of the universe. The human mind is dissatisfied with the destructive knowledge of the entity, and the world outlook starts from the pursuit of the overall understanding of reality. The second is to start from the motivation to answer all kinds of questions that occur on the scene of life. The world outlook is generated in people 's mentality of pursuing the extreme problems of the world and life. In order to effectively respond to the requirements of this era, the gospel is not simply interpreted as the doctrine of salvation, but as the framework of the overall interpretation of the world and life.

The goal of Russian is to present the Christian view of God and the world in a systematic way. His view of Christianity has a focus. This focus is based on Jesus Christ, the son of God, who came to history wearing the human body. Therefore, Christianity is the Christian world view that Christianity explains entity and explanation from the point of view of Jesus Christ. Russian theological heritage has a great influence on American evangelical theologians.

Secondly, when the Christian Gospel of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) was comprehensively attacked from the world view of atheism, Wu Yuyi's world view corresponded to the new scholars and educationists in the Netherlands, who made it more reverberated through the statesman Abrahan kaper. In response to the challenge of modern atheism, kaper put forward the world view of Daobin doctrine.

The first principle of kaper's view of the world is the sovereign thought of biblical God, who is the creator God who governs the world and all fields of life, following the tradition of karbin. The idea of world outlook based on Karl binism was announced in 1898 by the stone lectures held at the University of flinston in the United States.

The world view of modernism is not the creator God, but from human beings. Kiefer defined the modern world view as a new religion that God's sovereignty transferred to human's sovereignty. From this point of view, the war of worldview is not a simple war between religion and science, but a war between the two life systems in life and all fields of learning, God's life system and human centered life system.

The second principle of Carver's worldview is that the human mind is in charge of the center of all actions. Kaper argues that there are two principles of interpretation and two systems of life. As a result, there are two kinds of knowledge. According to Carver, is the human heart reborn forever. To become a Christian worldview person, not only in the field of daily life, but also in the field of exploration, provides God's glory and central knowledge. However, those who do not regenerate the world view of God's impure atheism deny God and put forward the knowledge of idolatry.

Because God has absolute sovereignty in all fields of creating the world, there is no honest profession or secular profession in life under God's sovereignty. We should serve the creator's God with the whole life as the whole life, and show the glory of God in the whole field of life.

Carver's thought has a great influence on two fields. The first is the field of general subjects, including philosophy. Kaper believes that all theories are not established by the neutral role of human beings, but by the pre "pre belief" that controls all thoughts and actions of human beings. This kind of Carver's thought had a great influence on Holland and America. According to the influence of Carver's Thought on American philosophy, a new school of philosophy named "reformed epistemology" was formed.

The second area of kaper's influence is theology, especially dialectics. The approach of kaper to Christianity as a global view of the world puts forward countermeasures to the traditional dialectics. Dialectics should analyze and analyze the details of facts or evidence, and evaluate the premise on the basis of theory and cognition. Kaper's academic subject of changing certificate of autocratic criticism developed from Cornelius Van Til (1895-1987) to a new field of "presuppositional dialectics".

If it is sorted out, the systematic Christian worldview movement of Orr and carver is a challenge to the atheistic worldview that attacks all areas of life, and a dialectical need based on the defense of the authenticity of the gospel. The conflict of worldview is the eternal war between the life system tamed by God and the life system believed by God. In the aspect of British war, world outlook is a practical life problem before the problem of knowledge theory.

The first concern in the history of worldview is to take Greek island as the master in all fields of life, to effectively complete the wisdom of eternal war and the clear aspiration of honest God. Therefore, the world view makes the epidemic become the training of saints and the training of the good military of Christ.

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