qingbei local police department issues voice fraud alert using malicious software

Posted by tzul at 2020-04-03

Qingbei local police department issued an alert after installing malware on smart phones, which led to frequent victims of voice fraud.

A total of 1731 phone fraud injuries were received between January and October this year, with a total loss of 24.6 billion won, according to the local police department in Qingbei.

In 2016, there were 1085 losses, more than 2000 last year, with a year-on-year incidence of 7.1% and a loss of 67.8%.

Recently, after sending false settlement SMS on the victim's smartphone, personal information has been leaked, or pretended to be an investigation agency or financial institution, and malicious code has been implanted into the victim's smartphone very frequently.

This is to make reverse use of the confirmation call made by the company, the police, the financial supervision institute, the financial institutions, etc. when the victim suspects whether it is voice fraud or not.

Fraudsters mainly set up relevant software by sending false settlement SMS, or pretending to be financial institutions and investigation institutions to carry out loans, investigation procedures, etc.

In addition, by informing the URL, domain name, IP address, etc., to download relevant applications, or to set up remote control applications, there are also examples where the fraudster directly installs malicious code on the victim's mobile phone.

If the victim is not willing to believe it, the police, the financial supervision institute and the bank will also be induced to make confirmation calls. At this time, the swindler is confirming the content of the victim's letter in real time, and receiving the telephone directly with malicious code.

"As long as you connect the URL, domain name and IP address that the other party doesn't know, you may be infected with malicious code, so you should pay attention to it," said Li Jiazhu, chief of search section of Qingbei local police department. "If you receive the phone number of fraud suspects or the guidance information of malicious code setting, you should connect to" protect the country "and connect the" fraud accident "menu to I hope you can report it by phone.

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