minister negative to introduce 20

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-03

Published 20February 2020 at 16.44

Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth says that it is not appropriate to reduce the speed of cities to 20 km/h.

The statement comes after several researchers this week have written that the zero vision for traffic deaths requires a 20-limit in urban areas.

Today, the third global ministerial conference on road safety in Stockholm ended, with Sweden hosting it together with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Sweden's dignity is due to its success in reversing the trend and reducing the number of deaths and injuries in traffic, says Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

Last year was the lowest death toll in traffic history. We are working on new technologies, infrastructure planning and zero vision, says Tomas Eneroth to Di TV Motor at the conference.

Tomas Eneroth tells us what Sweden can teach other countries about road safety and zero vision in order to reduce the number of deaths in the world due to road accidents.

According to Tomas Eneroth, the Swedish zero vision, the ethical position that nobody should be killed or seriously injured in traffic, i s something that many other countries are interested in and with which Sweden is actively working.

If we are to reach the zero vision, we need to focus on two things. One is about unprotected road users and the challenges of new urban mobility, such as electric car cycles, where we can work more on speed monitoring, among other things. The second is to ensure that safe infrastructure and roads continue to be built.

Another proposal is to reduce the base speed from 50 km/h to 20 km/h, what do you think?

20 km/h is not relevant. On the other hand, we have a proposal to reduce base speed to 40 km/h. Basically, it is more about finding ways of reducing the speeds at which cars and vehicles meet unprotected road users.

See the full programme from the Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in the player above.