अनुच्छेद 370

Posted by barello at 2020-04-03

On Monday in the summer court, the Summit has been heard on various occasions. In the first list, the government has lost the Internet. Notify for service maintenance. In the second list, children are listening illegally to cases involving regular text. Sent to him. There's a third audience on the mailing list editor of the Kashmir Times.

Internet service instantly started

The head of Adal has been reporting the central government reporting on a population list. The list was updated that the center Continue instructions to launch the required online service and hospital and medical services immediately Go.

Kids are ignored in an invalid way

The Supreme Judge has sent a list of Bal' It was reported on the list that the fundraiser was illegal for the children of Jammu Kashmir to affect more than 370 priorities in paragraph 370. The modem has been blocked. The update will begin to announce the forces related to paragraph 370.

_Other Organiser

On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear the list of members of the kingdom on Monday, in which the entire population was before the Kashmir. And Pharaoh asked Abdullah, and the judge said, The head of the Ammonites is under the law. The commanding officer may choose. The commanding officer may judge the color of the cow. The ruler shall speak to the lawyer, saying, He is in a state of safety.

The Vice's attorney raised questions on the behavior of the collective Kashmir administration and claimed that 16 September was heard from the Supreme Court A few minutes ago, the poor man was taken into custody under the law. The justice behind him was great. And the judges were encamped by the hand of Esau. And the judges said, Hearest thou the word of Hireshath, according to the law of the Chaldeans? can be elected in front of the authority.